Water Project Updates

$17.3M capital works project

Proudly funded by the Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland and Local Government Grants and Subsidies and Building Our Regions Programs in association with Tablelands Regional Council.

A new reservoir, pipework and upgrades to intakes were completed in 2022.

Construction of the 13km pipeline to connect Millstream Estate with the Ravenshoe Water Supply Scheme commenced in early June 2023 and is largely complete. Minor pipework on the south Millstream reservoir is to be finalised, and the installation of 10 thrust blocks (concrete blocks for reinforcement at changes of direction) was delayed due to the weather.

The slab of the water treatment plant has been completed, and installation of the components has commenced.

Completion is still expected by the end of 2024.

© HEH Civil and TRC.

$10.7M capital works project over two years

The Johnstone River and Peeramon water supply scheme will be connected to the Malanda water supply scheme to accommodate the rapid growth in the area. The project includes design and construction of a 3.19ML reservoir on Glen Allyn Road, and a 4km pipeline from the reservoir to the existing reservoir on Mathers Road.

Fgf Developments Pty Ltd was awarded the contract for the project for $8,326,977.55 including GST. The contract includes additional expenditure of up to $889,057.82 including GST for additional items that may be required during construction, and a contingency allowance of $1,249,046.63 for variations.

The pipeline will be constructed on the road verge on the:

  • east side of Eccles Road
  • north side of Mundey Road
  • east and southeast side of Lake Barrine Road
  • Pioneer Avenue
  • north side of Glen Allyn Road

Some partial road closures may be required. Construction will include trimming of overhanging branches and trenching across driveways. Driveways will be backfilled to maintain access before the end of each day. Fgf’s supervisor will coordinate with residents regarding access.

Site investigations for the pipeline commenced in late May, and main construction in June. The project will take about 10 months to complete. Construction will occur:

  • 7am–6pm Monday–Friday
  • 7am–4pm Saturdays

Construction of the new reservoir commenced in June.

Calibration of bulk meters and installation of level monitors to meet regulatory requirements. Due for completion in 2025–26.

Service lines (from water mains to meters) are being replaced as part of an ongoing program.

Four-year project to identify and meet future water requirements in Yungaburra due to rapid growth.  Improvements include a new water intake (pontoon, pipes, pump and wiring), and water treatment plant and supply upgrades.

Contract T-TRC2023-15 for the replacement of the raw water intake was awarded to Civil Plus Constructions Pty Ltd for $3,248,808.85 including GST. The contract includes additional expenditure of up to $380,868.64 including GST for additional items that may be required during design and construction, and a contingency allowance of $487,321.33 for variations. The project is for the detailed design, construction and replacement of the water intake pontoon on Lake Tinaroo and associated infrastructure.

This project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government’s Local Government Grants Subsidy Program in association with TRC.

Develop a delivery program for Atherton and Tolga water supply schemes.

Ongoing capital works projects

Upgrades to pipelines, water meters and pumps across the region as required.

The reservoirs in our region have been assessed and remediation plans are being developed. Options are being investigated for repairs to the reservoirs on Twelfth Avenue in Atherton, and Tinaroo Lookout, and the replacement of reservoirs at Wondecla (High Country Estate) and Mount Garnet.

Design and construct a new booster pump station at Malanda reservoir.