Water Project Updates

See regular updates on work carried out on your water supply scheme.

~$8.8M capital works project

A new reservoir, pipework and upgrades to intakes were completed in 2022.

The 9.6m-high, 3.9 megalitre reservoir at Ravenshoe is complete and has passed testing. The hardware and software to control the reservoir levels and water treatment is being installed and the reservoir will be commissioned once everything is functional.

The geotechnical surveys of the 23km pipeline route that will connect Belleview Estate, Cassowary Heights and Millstream to the Ravenshoe scheme are complete, and construction will commence in the coming months.

$2.4M has been allocated in the 2022–23 budget for the design and commencement of the water treatment plant, and construction of the 23km of pipelines and a booster pump to connect Belleview Estate, Cassowary Heights and Millstream. Further funding will be allocated in the 2023–24 financial year. If everything goes to plan, the project should be completed in 2024.

Proudly funded by the Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland and Local Government Grants and Subsidies Programs in association with Tablelands Regional Council. 

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$240,000 capital works project

Installation has commenced of bore level monitors and intake bulk water meters across the region. Work has commenced and will continue throughout the year.

$50,000 capital works program

Service lines (from water mains to meters) will be replaced in parts of Malanda and Yungaburrra as part of an ongoing program. This financial year’s work has been completed.

$90,000 capital works project

A dedicated line, crossing under the Kennedy Highway, will allow for better water control of the Tolga water supply. The underbore is complete.

$123,000 capital works project

Funded by the Queensland Government.

A generator will be installed on the bore to support water supply during power outages.

$135,000 capital works project

An extension of the water main will provide greater control and improve water pressure in Belson and Patrick Streets in Malanda. Work will commence in the coming months.

$75,000 capital works program

Ongoing program of water meter replacements and new installations across the region. Faulty meters are identified during six-monthly meter reads.

$50,000 capital works program

Various upgrades and replacements will be conducted on the water treatment plants across the region.

$2.97M capital works project

$1.78M of this project is funded by the Queensland Government’s Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program

Two-year project to identify and meet future water requirements in Yungaburra. First stage consists of concept and design.

$200,000 capital works project

Investigation and planning to improve pressues in ‘high’ zones and upgrades required to meet growth.


$50,000 capital works project

The membrane in the filtration unit will be replaced.

$200,000 capital works project

The damaged building over the Barson Road bore will be replaced. Work has commenced and should be complete by the end of the year.

$100,000 capital works project

Upgrades to pipelines on Black Gully Road at Tinaroo, and other locations.

$50,000 capital works project

Investigation and scoping to improve safety on access road to the Upper Barron water intake.

$50,000 capital works project

Rolling program of switchboard replacements across the region.