Reef Guardian Projects

Six projects totalling $920,000.00 have been funded through the Reef Guardian Councils Program — Activating Local Council’s Reef Action Plans grant.

Funding for these projects has been provided to Tablelands Regional Council from the Australian Government to enable Reef Guardian Councils to deliver projects identified in their Reef Action Plans.

Engage with landholders and other stakeholders to establish and facilitate a coordinated approach to feral pig management in the region. The program will provide training, information collection, analysis and exchange, access to smart traps, advanced baiting systems, monitoring cameras and AI image recognition systems.

In collaboration with the School of Field Studies, this program will identify and assess alternative roadside weed management methods that will result in lower costs and reduced environmental impact of roadside maintenance.

This project will focus on drainage systems at Lindgren Close and Cescotto Close in Tolga to deliver critical works to repair and improve drains, which will improve stormwater flow and quality.

Enhance the regionally significant development of the area adjacent to Priors Creek in Atherton.

Installation of solar panels at five sites with high power use, which will reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve environmental sustainability.

Improve the condition of land, land management practices and overall health of our waterways by working with eligible landholders to provide technical support, practical assistance and contracted labour (where applicable) to deliver riparian restoration work.