Roads Project Updates

  • April — Carrington, East Barron, Evelyn, Innot Hot Springs, Jaggan, Kaban, Malanda, Millstream, Minbun, Moregatta, Ravenshoe, Silver Valley, Tarzali, Tumoulin, Upper Barron, Walkamin and Wongabel.
  • May — Beatrice, Gunnawarra, Kaban, Ootann Road, Ravenshoe and Tumoulin.
  • April — Beatrice Way, Evelyn, Herberton, Kairi, Lake Eacham, Malanda, Peeramon, Wondecla and Yungaburra.
  • May — Evelyn, Herberton and Wondecla

$2.4M capital works program

Sections of roads across the region will be resealed to improve skid resistance and waterproofing, and extend the life of the underlying road surface. Preparation work was conducted in July and August.

Proposed roads include:


  • 49m of Access Road — complete
  • 500m of Centenary Drive — complete
  • 797m of Grove Street over several sections — complete
  • 135m of Turner Street over two sections — complete
  • 88m of Water Street — complete


  • 410m of Henderson Road — complete
  • 355m of Lake Barrine Access Road over two sections — complete


  • 87m of Kjellberg Road over two sections — late March
  • 770m of Mullins Road — late March


  • 3.94km of Boar Pocket Road over several sections — complete

East Barron

  • 1.56km of Cook Road over several sections — early to mid-February
  • 1.28km of East Barron Road over two sections — early to mid-February


  • 2.65km of Kidner Road over two sections — complete

Glen Allyn

  • 969m of Fisk Road over two sections — complete


  • 703m of Gunnawarra Road — complete


  • 78m of Syme Road — early April


  • 1.77km English Road — complete

Lake Eacham

  • 1.97km of Fuller Road over two sections — complete
  • 2.11km of Lakes Drive over two sections — complete
  • 276m of Imrie Close— complete
  • 9m of McLeish Road — complete
  • 1.07km of Russel Road — complete
  • 683m of Russel Road West over three sections — complete
  • 174m Ulysses Close — complete


  • 648m of Croft Road — complete
  • 620m of English Road over several sections — complete
  • 134m of Kidd Close — complete
  • 173m of Memorial Drive — early April

Millaa Millaa

  • 62m of Pine Street— late March
  • 381m of Lodge Avenue — late March
  • 119m of Beech Street — early April


  • 770m of Gigliotti Road — complete
  • 286m of Millstream Parade — complete


  • 300m of Moomin Road — early April


  • 939m of Elias Road over three sections — late March


  • 510m of Brooks Road over two sections — late March

Mount Garnet

  • 2.22km of Gunnawarra Road — complete

North Johnstone

  • 11km of Kingcombe Road — complete
  • 7km Land Road — complete
  • 4.59km of Russell Road over several sections — complete


  • 64m of Jessica Road — complete


  • 76m of Access Road — early April
  • 980m of Ascham Street over several sections — early April
  • 2.19km of Cemetery Road over three sections — early April
  • 442m of Gold Coast Road — complete
  • 88m of Kuradilla Street — early April
  • 368m of Monument Street over two sections — early April
  • 32m of Sunnyside Road — complete
  • 170m of Tully Falls Road — complete
  • 178m of Wakooka Street — early April


  • 1.19km Hogan Road — complete
  • 685m Hogan-Hosie Road — complete
  • 786m of Sheehan Road over two sections — complete


  • 621m of Tinaroo Falls Dam Road over two sections — complete

Upper Barron

  • 538m of East Barron Road — complete
  • 655m of Cook Road — complete


  • 40m of Byers Road — early April


  • 770m of Eacham Road across three sections — complete
  • 222m of Shadforth Road — complete
  • 1.76km of Tinaburra Drive across three sections — complete

$3.32M capital works program

Gravel roads across the region have been resheeted. Some of the roads were damaged by flooding in December. Inspections and emergency repairs are underway, with further inspections and repairs to occur in 2024.

The roads were:

  • 1.33km of Allens Lane, Atherton 
  • 1.23km of Ault Road, Topaz 
  • 1.51km of Bauld Road, Glen Allyn 
  • 1.21km of Burton Road, Tinaroo 
  • 1.56km of Byers Road, Wondecla 
  • 700m of Dalgety Road, Kaban 
  • 268m of Dobson Road, Upper Barron
  • 9.16km of Danbulla Road, Danbulla 
  • Section of Griffin Road, Tolga
  • 2.12km of Gunnawarra Road, Gunnawarra 
  • 110m of Hall Road, Tolga— Lake Eacham 
  • 405m of Kingcombe Road South, Butchers Creek 
  • 1.91km Kjellberg Road, Beatrice  
  • 280 of Kureen Road, Kureen 
  • 717m of Lee Hong Road, East Barron 
  • 600m of Lindsay Road, Malanda 
  • 302m of Mahony Road, Minbun 
  • Section of Newell Street, Atherton 
  • 229m of Northey Road, Tolga 
  • 825m of Old Boar Pocket Road, Barrine 
  • 4.69km of Old Kaban Road, Kaban 
  • 1.31km (over two sections) of Petersen Road, Tarzali 
  • 447m of Poggioli Road, Kairi 
  • 1.23km of Topaz Road, Topaz 
  • 1.13km (over two sections) of Union Road, Topaz 
  • 687m of Wairambar Creek Road, Topaz 
  • 7.10km (over two sections) of Wairuna Road, Minnamoolka
  • 473m of Weare Road, Wongabel 
  • 1.12km of Welch Road, Barrine 

© Shepherd Services.

$549,300 capital works program

Work includes profiling, primer seal and asphalt.

Work on a section of Churchill Street, Malanda will commence in early April and take about five days to complete.

$2.6M capital works program

Work includes drainage, profiling, subgrade treatment, base gravel, bitumen seal, road furniture and line marking. The proposed roads are:

  • a 700m section of Powley Road, Barrine — completed in November.
  • a 300m section of Russell Road West, Lake Eacham — completed in March
  • three sections of Wongabel Road, Wongabel — planned for May
  • a 360m section of Channel Road, Walkamin — commenced in early March but progress has been hampered by poor weather.
  • sections of Ball Road, Peeramon — planned for June.

$4.1M capital works project

The final TRC section of Ootann Road will be sealed (approximately 4km). Tenders are open and work will commence in 2024–25.

$1.29M capital works project

A 2.3km section of Mooma Road will be sealed. The tender has been awarded to Watto’s Earthmoving and Machinery Hire. Work commenced in early April and was completed in mid-July.

This project is funded by the Australian Government under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program and TRC.

Photos © Watto’s Earthmoving

$100,000 capital works project

1700km of sealed and unsealed roads were assessed using vehicle-mounted RACAS (Road Asset Condition Assessment System) technology. The survey information will be used to develop a priority roadworks program.

Photos © Shepherds Engineering.

$520,000 capital works project over two years

The southern approach to the bridge will be widened or realigned. Design and scoping in 2023–24 and construction in 2024–25.

About 4km of Cashmere-Kirrama Road will be resheeted.