Sewerage Project Updates

$500,000 capital works program

Ten-year inspection and renewal program. This year we are relining and inspecting in areas of Atherton.

This video of sewer cleaning and relining shows course aggregate where fine materials in the cement have washed away. These rough surfaces cause items to become stuck and create blockages, which compromises the structural integrity of the sewer. The after part shows the cleaned and relined pipes. This extends the life of the sewer, reducing the demand and improving energy efficiency, especially during periods of wet weather.

$75,000 capital works projects

Various upgrades and replacements will be conducted on the sewerage treatment plants across the region including structural components, pumps and switchboards.

$400,000 capital works project

The rapid development in the Yungaburra and Atherton areas has put pressure on the existing sewerage infrastructure. Capacity assessments and estimated growth data indicate the need to update sewerage treatment plants and other infrastructure in these two areas. Reviewing of capacities and licensing requirements is being conducted and should be complete in late 2023.

$150,000 capital works project.

The concept design is complete. Construction will depend on future funding allocations.