Development within our region follows a planning process set by the Queensland Government. Our planning officers have an important role in this process by assessing and deciding development applications. Development applications can be proposals to:

  • subdivide land (reconfiguring of a lot)
  • commence, change or intensify a use (material change of use)
  • conduct building work within an area with certain restrictions, such as in an identified flood zone (building work assessable against the planning scheme).

Development applications are assessed against the Tablelands Regional Council Planning Scheme. The Planning Scheme incorporates local, regional and state planning policy and aims to balance the social, economic and environmental needs of the  community. The scheme identifies different zones, which have different types of activities and uses that can be conducted within them.

Some development applications may include a period of public notification where the community is invited to make submissions in support of or opposing a development. Some development applications require assessment by the Queensland Government and our planning officers. These applications are referred to the State Assessment and Referral Agency as part of the assessment process.

Our planning officers also conduct strategic planning for the region, write and review the planning scheme, and act as a referral agency for building work.

To lodge a properly made reconfiguring of a lot application you will need:

  • a completed DA form 1
  • a planning report responding to the relevant planning scheme codes
  • a proposed lot layout (usually prepared by a surveyor)
  • proof of lot ownership (or owner’s consent)
  • to pay the application fee.