Pre-Lodgement Service

Our pre-lodgement initiative is a free-of-charge one off informal service to discuss your development prior to lodging a development application. A pre-assessment report and draft plans must be provide to be eligible for the this service. 

A pre-lodgement requires detailed preparation for a response. The response time frame can be up to 6 to 8 weeks depending on the enquiry, current development applications being assessed and general business. Pre-lodgement advice provided by the planners is of a general nature and based on the submitted material. This is not an indication of the level of support for the proposal. The proposal cannot not be adequately assessed without the lodgement of a development application. The planning team cannot assist with drafting or lodging the application. If you require this assistance it is recommended that you engage a private planning consultant.

The service can be used for any type of development requiring town planning approval. Applicants for medium and major developments are encouraged to use the service to assist with lodgement of a complete and comprehensive application, and quicker processing of the development application. The pre-lodgement service is voluntary and not intended to replace the existing, informal advice mechanisms.

While the pre-lodgement service does not guarantee approval of development application, it can save time and money. We will provide early comments on the proposal, highlight concerns or issues that may need to be addressed, and requirements for a well-made application. The service is not a detailed assessment and does not influence or predict the assessment outcome of a subsequent application. While the advice is given in good faith, it does not, and cannot, pre-empt a decision, or bind TRC to any future outcome or decision.

Once your application has been received a planning officer will contact you to discuss the proposed development and/ or arrange a meeting time.

After the meeting a written response will be provided within an agreed timeframe at the meeting. The response will detail:

  • application requirements including fees and forms
  • technical reports and plans to be lodged with the application
  • issues regarding compliance with the planning scheme or other planning instruments
  • likely conditions and infrastructure charges
  • suggested changes to the application.