Infrastructure Charges

Trunk infrastructure is significant or higher-order infrastructure that supports large areas or catchments, such as water supply, parks and road networks for an entire neighbourhood.

We levy infrastructure charges as part of the development assessment process to help pay the cost of providing additional trunk infrastructure because of increased demand. These charges apply when a subdivision (reconfiguring a lot) or material change of use generates additional demand on trunk infrastructure networks.

Our Infrastructure Charge Deferral Policy details the circumstances under which TRC may, at its discretion, agree to the payment of levied infrastructure charges for reconfiguration of a lot approvals at a later date than is otherwise established under the Planning Act 2016.

Application For Infrastructure Charge Deferral

An application may be made to enter into an infrastructure agreement (IA) for the deferred payment of infrastructure charges. This application ensures sufficient information and justification for a request for an IA is provided. The applications are managed under the Infrastructure Charge Deferral Policy and applicants are required to meet conditions established in the policy and template IA. Proposals to defer payment of levied charges that do not meet the conditions may be considered by Council. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to seeking survey plan endorsement to prevent delays at the time of seeking endorsement.

We are not obliged to enter into an IA and will only do so where the legal and financial risks are appropriately mitigated. We strongly recommend that you obtain independent legal advice prior to entering into an IA.

We charge a fee for the preparation of an IA.