Investment Incentives

Our strong economic and population growth is continuing and we are working to support this growth while encouraging job creation, new investment and additional housing options. It’s a priority to find ways to remove barriers to development, support housing for our community, and to secure opportunities and options for our young people to stay in our region.

We recently endorsed three new policies that show our commitment to these outcomes.

Infrastructure Charges Commercial (Bulk Goods) Policy

This policy provides equity in charging for commercial (bulk goods) development by providing capped infrastructure charges for development. It applies to large scale development where the demand rates of infrastructure servicing requirements are not commensurate with the scale of the development. The policy facilitates large floor plate bulk retail opportunities to encourage employment and provide a range and scale of retail and commercial services.

Infrastructure Charge Deferrals Policy

This policy allows for the deferral of the payment of infrastructure charges for subdivisions to the point of sale or six months from the sealing of a survey plan, whichever is earliest. The purpose is to assist with cashflow by allowing charges to be paid at settlement for a residential lot. It encourages residential property developers to release more lots to the market in each stage, and is particularly important because of the constraint on the residential property market on the Tablelands. Contact us to submit a request.

Investment Incentive Policy

This policy provides incentives for development by waiving infrastructure charges for certain types of new development to attract investment in medium-density dwellings, strategically important industries and major catalytic projects. It allows for the waiving of infrastructure charges to incentivise the construction of affordable, medium-density dwellings, the development of strategically important industries, and for the attraction of major catalytic projects. This includes apartments, flats, units, townhouses, day care centres, medical centres, manufacturing facilities, industrial development, aged care facilities, hotels and more. Development incentives can be as much as $100,000/project, with a cumulative value over the life of the policy of $2M.

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