Rural Numbering

Rural addressing is a method of identifying and addressing rural properties throughout Australia.

A rural number is vital for emergency services to locate a property in case of an emergency. A rural number also helps when dealing with service providers such as Australia Post, Telstra, Ergon Energy and commercial delivery services.

Rural numbering is a distance-based system. Numbers are calculated by dividing the distance, in metres, from a road’s start by 10 and rounding to a whole number. Odd numbers are assigned to the left side of a road and even numbers are assigned to the right side. For example, the number 124 indicates the address is between 1230m and 1250m from the start of the road on the right side. The number 1097 indicates the address is between 10,960m and 10,980m on the left side.

Property Owner’s Responsibility

Rural numbers belong to the property owner and they are responsible for maintaining visibility and protect it from hazards such as fires.

Replacement Parts

We provide replacement rural number posts, sleeves and numbers at our Atherton Customer Service Centre. Fees apply.

Applying For A Rural Address

If you have a driveway we can provide you with a rural number. Submit an application and we will email you a tax invoice. Fees and charges apply.

Once we receive payment, we’ll install the rural number and record a GPS point. This information will be entered into our system and we will also inform the Queensland Police, Queensland Fire and Emergency, Queensland Ambulance Service and others.

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Applicant Details

From your rate notice.
E.g. Lot 4 on RP732163.