Bridge Load Limits

A bridge load limit is a restriction placed on the mass vehicles allowed to cross a given bridge.

Bridge load limits are typically determined by a specialist structural engineer. Regulatory signs are placed at both approaches to a bridge with a load limit, and it is a police responsibility to ensure the signs are complied with.

Apply for an Overload Bridge Permit.

RoadCrossesLimit (t)
Bew RoadMinor watercourse25
Cashmere–Kirrama RoadBig Swamp10
Clarkes TrackIthaca River10
Cockram RoadMinor Watercourse18
Glue Pot RoadNorth Wondecla Creek10
Go Tack RoadCoolabbi CreekCLOSED
Kaban RoadStation Creek30
Lindsay RoadJohnstone River10
Mary StreetJohnstone River8
Merragallan RoadWilliams Creek10
Middlebrook RoadMiddlebrook Creek13.5
Moregatta RoadVigors Creek5
Morganbury RoadChannel20
Northey RoadChannel25
Ross RoadWeir CreekCLOSED
Silver Valley RoadWoolamin Creek15
Turner RoadVine Creek6
Uramo RoadHerbert River10
Wairuna RoadAnthill Creek8
Webster RoadWondecla Creek8
Westwood RoadWondecla Creek20
Whiting RoadBeatrice River15