Standpipe Hire

We provide standpipes for short- and long-term hire.

It is an offence to draw water from TRC’s water reticulation system, other than by a TRC-issued metered standpipe. Under Section 195 of the Water Supply (Safety & Reliability) Act, taking water without approval can incur penalties of up to 1000 penalty units. 

  • Water must only be extracted from designated points. 
  • Hire and late fees apply. Fees are updated on 1 July every year.
  • We take no responsibility for the quality of water after it has left the reticulation system.  
  • Incorrect use of the standpipe can damage or compromise our systems. Contact us if you require assistance.  
  • Damaged, faulty, misplaced or stolen standpipes must be reported to TRC within 24hrs. The applicant is responsible for the cost of replacement. 

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