Events & Activities on TRC Land

Complete this form if you are holding events or activities on TRC land. Events/activities include street parades, weddings, gatherings, festivals, sporting competitions and entertainment events. The permit does not grant exclusive use of an area, it is still open for public use.

Local law permits are to ensure that activities are managed and operated to minimise the impacts on the community, environment and infrastructure. The application is assessed and conditioned to protect public health, safety and amenity, and prevent environmental harm. Applicants need to demonstrate this based on the location of the activity and the specific activity.

Once the application is received an invoice for the relevant fees will be forwarded, on receipt of all required information and payment the permit will be assessed.  A certificate of currency for public liability is required for events/activities with more than 50 participants and structures (including tarps, stages and marquees larger than 3m x 6m, rides and/or jumping castles). The certificate must list TRC as an interested party and have cover for at least $20M. Applications requiring permits and advice from external parties will be cancelled if copies of documentation are not provided within the given timeframe prior to the event commencing.

Turnaround timeframes for the issuing of approved permits is dependent on the type of event/activity, number of participants, location and potential impacts on the community.

  • Events and activities with fewer than 299 attendees take approximately six weeks.
  • Events and activities with greater than 300 attendees take approximately eight weeks.
  • Commercial and community gatherings generally require a longer assessment than smaller private gatherings.

There are other permits you may require including, but not limited to: