Casual Hire Liability Acknowledgment

I acknowledge that Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) has a liability insurance cover with a $2000 policy deductible (excess) and limit of indemnity of $20,000,000 for casual hirers of TRC facilities at no cost to casual hirers.

I further acknowledge that I have read the following clause that provides an understanding of what constitutes a casual hirer for this insurance cover.

Casual Hirer Cover

The Liability Insurance Policy cover is restricted to hirers who can be described as non-commercial, not incorporated, not-for-profit and irregular users of TRC facilities.

Casual hirers are further defined as third parties who hire TRC facilities for no more than a total of 10 days over a twelve 12 month period.

No cover is provided for incorporated bodies, sporting clubs or associations of any kind.

I advise that upon reading this, and having received independent advice (legal or otherwise) to satisfy my needs, I believe this definition extends to include myself in the circumstances I will be using the TRC facility and I will avail myself of the cover.

I understand and acknowledge that TRC is not representing the insurer and/or myself in respect of this insurance, and is not able to grant or confirm cover in my particular instance other than to confirm that the Liability Insurance Policy is current.

I understand that, in the event of an incident occurring that could possibly result in a claim under this policy, I must advise TRC as soon as possible thereafter so that guidance can be provided on the appropriate action to take to ensure the insurer is advised in accordance with the policy conditions.

I understand that it will be my responsibility to pay the $2000 policy deductible (excess).

I understand and acknowledge that, if for some reason I may not be indemnified under this insurance, I would be personally liable for any claims arising out of my use of this facility.