Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship is fully expended for 2023–24. Applications are still being received but won’t be assessed until next financial year.

We provide in-kind and cash support to eligible event organisers who deliver events within our local government area that seek to create economic and social outcomes for the region aligned to our Event Strategy and Action Plan. These principles are applied when determining sponsorship arrangements:

  • Community benefit — sponsorship activities must provide economic and/or cultural benefit to the community.
  • Alignment — sponsorship activities must align with our priorities and desired community outcomes in the Corporate Plan and Tablelands 2030+ Community Plan.
  • Risk Management — potential risks to TRC will be assessed including conflicts of interest, reputational risks and direct or personal benefits received by Councillors or officers.
  • Accountable decision-making — event sponsorship provided using transparent processes including application, assessment and acquittal.
  • Sustainability — applications should demonstrate a plan for the ongoing financial sustainability and potential scalability of the event.

Requests for in-kind support will be assessed once received and cash sponsorship requests must be submitted by 28 February in the previous financial year that the event is to take place. See our Sponsorship Policy and Guidelines.