The Change Makers

15–21 May is National Volunteers Week, an annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers.

Thousands of events will be held during the week to say thank you to the millions of Australians who volunteer.

‘This year’s theme is ‘The change makers’, which recognises that our volunteers are change makers across our nation,’ said Deputy Mayor Kevin Cardew.

‘In our region our volunteers are integral to the promotion and the smooth running of our galleries, information centres, museums, nurseries, events, emergency services, and community, environmental and sporting organisations.

‘But we’ve always got room for more!

‘We are looking for people interested in helping in our visitor centres, galleries and plant nursery.

‘Being a volunteer gives you a chance to meet new people, make a difference to our community and environment, contribute to the growth and promotion of our region, and spend time with of like-minded people.

‘No previous experience is required so find out more and register with us at any time,’ Deputy Mayor Cardew said.

Community Revegetation Nursery volunteer Diana Russell is involved in processing seeds, weeding, washing pots, data collection/entry and seed collection.

‘I love working with plants and gaining local plant knowledge.

‘I enjoy the social contact with like-minded people, and the variety of jobs to choose from depending on how sociable I feel,’ she said.

Margaret McCreath has been a volunteer at the Atherton Tablelands Information Centre for 11 years and is motivated by meeting new people and other volunteers.

‘It’s great meeting people and helping make their time in our region more enjoyable.

‘As a traveller myself it’s great to get tips about other regions too,’ she said.

As a new volunteer, Miche Raccoursier also loves meeting new people and sharing her knowledge of the local area.

‘I always wanted to work in the tourism industry but instead I worked for a German bank.

‘At 57-years-old I applied to work as a volunteer at the Atherton Tableland Information Centre and I love it!

‘I will continue to volunteer as long as I can,’ Miche said.