Waste Levy

Queensland’s Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy provides a strategic framework to reduce the amount of waste we generate, transition to a circular economy, grow the resource recovery and recycling industry and create new jobs.

This is underpinned by Queensland’s waste disposal levy, which commenced on 1 July 2019. The levy is payable on all waste (including waste generated in another state or territory) disposed to a levyable waste disposal site within the levy zone or, if it has been generated within the levy zone and disposed of to a landfill outside the levy zone in Queensland.

Using the returns from the levy revenue, the Queensland Government is investing in a $2.1 billion waste and resource recovery package over ten years, including a $1.1 billion Recycling and Jobs Fund. The fund will help to improve the way products are made, used and recovered so that we are using less, using things for longer and avoiding waste going to landfill.​

The levy zone is divided into two areas, covering 39 out of Queensland’s 77 local government areas:

  • metro zone — 12 South-East Queensland local government areas
  • regional zone — remaining 27 local government areas in the current levy zone.
Domestic Waste Disposal Charges. No charges for domestic waste under 1 metre cubed. Domestic waste charges apply for over 1 metre cubed and include the Queensland Government waste levy. Car load 12 dollars. Ute or van load 45 dollars. Car and trailer load 57 dollars. Ute or van and trailer load 91 dollars. Animals 10 to 137 dollars depending on size. Small and medium animals to Atherton and Innot Hot Springs only. Large animals at Innot Hot Springs only. Dry waste. Bulky items, plastics, timber etc.). 223 dollars per tonne. 188 dollars per tonne if sorted into resource recovery areas at Atherton and Innot Hot Springs. Construction and demolition waste. 223 dollars per tonne. 188 dollars per tonne if sorted into resource recovery areas at Atherton and Innot Hot Springs. Green waste. 33 dollars per tonne. Wet waste. Non-household kitchen waste. 223 dollars per tonne. Mattresses. 23 dollars each. Car bodies. 44 dollars each. Atherton, Herberton and Innot Hot Springs only. fluid and tyres removed. Tyres. 10 to 1332 dollars each depending on size. Regulated waste category 1. 322 dollars per tonne. Contaminated soils, acid soils, sulphates etc. Regulated waste category 2. 260 dollars per tonne. Grease trap waste, emulsions etc.

See our fees and charges for domestic waste disposal.