drumMUSTER & ChemClear


The drumMUSTER is a program run by Agsafe for the collection and recycling of clean and empty agricultural chemical containers.

In our region the drumMUSTER program operates at all transfer stations during normal opening hours.

Recycling your clean agricultural chemical containers is easy — just follow these steps:

  1. Triple rinse or pressure rinse chemical containers immediately after use — drums are easier to clean before the residue dries.
  2. Pour the rinse water back into your spray tank — this saves you chemical and ensures chemicals don’t pollute your property or the environment.
  3. Make sure all chemical residue is removed. Check around the thread for chemical that’s dried on. You may need to use a scrubbing brush to remove dried on residue.
  4. Remove lids and allow containers to dry thoroughly. Take lids along to the collection separately — they can be recycled too.
  5. Puncture all containers from the top through to the bottom. This is done to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and reducing the risk of diseases such as dengue fever.
  6. Deliver your eligible, clean, empty containers to a Transfer Station during opening hours.

Containers will be inspected on delivery before being accepted. Containers with chemical residue cannot be accepted.

The plastic and metal from drumMUSTER containers are recycled into new products.


ChemClear provides Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a collection and disposal pathway for their unwanted chemicals.

Collections are scheduled on the volume of chemical registrations received by region and state across Australia. On average, ChemClear undertakes two–three state collections and several regional collections annually.

If your disposal requirements are urgent contact ChemClear directly on 1800 008 182.

Register unwanted agvet chemicals at chemclear.org.au or 1800 008 182.