Your property valuation is determined by the Department of Resources. Detailed information and explanations can be found on the Queensland Government website and you can compare land valuations on Queensland Globe. New land valuations for the Tablelands were issued by the Valuer-General on Friday 17 March 2023. These new valuations will be used to calculate general rates for your next rate notice due to be issued in August 2023.

General rates are calculated using a charge determined by Council and by the land valuation set by the Valuer-General. The development of the general rate charge takes into consideration the cost of TRC operations and land values. New general rate charges will be determined at the adoption of the 2023–24 budget. Due to the variety of recent land valuation changes, it is likely some general rates will increase, and some will decrease, depending on the movement in the value of the land for each property.

Rate notices are issued twice a year to assist with the costs of providing services, infrastructure and facilities for Tablelands communities. Information about where rates are invested is included in the Budget Overview.

Contact us if you do not receive your rate notice and make sure to let us know if your address changes.

Outstanding rates and charges at the end of the discount period are deemed as overdue rates. From 1 July 2023 we will apply 11.64%/ annum interest calculated on daily rests on the overdue rates on the 22nd day after the rates and charges become overdue. No interest will be charged if overdue rates are paid within 21 days from their due date.

Methods of Payment

  1. Australia Post (Billpay) — online, by phone on 13 18 16  (24/7) or at an Australia Post branch or agency.
  2. BPay — contact your bank if you haven’t already set up online banking.
  3. Customer service centres — cash, cheque or EFTPOS.
  4. Mail — post payment and tear-off section to PO Box 573, Atherton Qld 4883. Make cheques and money orders payable to Tablelands Regional Council.

Payment Arrangements

To help ease financial burden, payment by agreed arrangement may be accepted. Instalments can be made on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, provided the full amount is paid by the relevant half-year ending period. Apply now for a payment arrangement.

Don’t Wait for the Date

You don’t have to wait for your rate notice to start making payments. Advance payments can be made at any time and we can help you work out how much to pay and how often. Contact us if you’d like to make advance payments.

  • Not-for-profit organisations and community groups may be eligible for rate and charges concessions. Apply now to find out.
  • Pensioners who reside on their property and hold a current eligible Queensland Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran Gold Card may be entitled to TRC and state rate concessions. Apply for a pensioner concession.
  • You may be eligible for a concession on your water use charge if you have a concealed leak. Apply for a water use concession.
  • Whoops! Did you pay the wrong amount or on the wrong property? Request a transfer of rate balance and we’ll sort it out for you.
  • Not sure your property has the right rating category? Lodge a notice of objection and we’ll review it.
  • Request a refund on your rates.

The Emergency Management Levy is established in the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990 and places a legal obligation on local governments to administer the levy, which is collected through local government rates. The levy is the primary source of funding for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services so they can deliver emergency management services through the Fire and Rescue Service, Rural Fires Service Queensland and State Emergency Service.