About Council

Our Vision

We will celebrate and embrace our uniqueness, community connections, First Nations Peoples, diversity and enviable healthy lifestyle.

We will continue to focus on sustainable provision of assets, business development and regional planning while protecting our natural environment and good quality agricultural land.

We will be inclusive, respecting diversity and providing equitable access to all.

We will be resilient and adaptable, responding to change and opportunities.

Our Purpose

To be an efficient, effective and sustainable local government for our Tablelands community.

Elected representatives

Mayor Rod Marti, Deputy Mayor Kevin Cardew and Councillors Annette Haydon, Dave Bilney, David Clifton, Peter Hodge and Bernie Wilce are our elected local government representatives.

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Gary Rinehart is supported by an executive management team and skilled workforce based at customer service centres, depots and facilities across the region.

Government Authority

Under the Local Government Act 2009 s8 to s.11, Tablelands Regional Council is a legal entity that is not a body corporate (i.e. is not incorporated). It is a separate legal entity constituted by its Councillors.

ABN: 77 642 342 175