Lend Your Voice To Advisory Committees

Tablelands Regional Council is searching for new members for five advisory committees.

‘We’re looking for passionate people in our community to volunteer for our Youth, Inclusion, Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), Atherton Chinatown and Agriculture advisory committees,’ said Mayor Rod Marti.

‘The committees assist us in understanding the current and changing needs in the community, and provide options to address these needs.

‘It’s essential that our community is a part of our decision-making processes so we can deliver high quality, accessible and relevant services across our region.

‘The Youth Advisory Committee provides a voice on issues that matter most to youth, and provides oversight and input into the Youth Strategic Plan.

‘Membership is for two years and members (15–25-years-old) meet four times/year outside school hours.

‘Our Inclusion Advisory Committee advises on all aspects of access and inclusion, and develops projects to support people to participate in community life regardless of age, ability or background.

‘Membership is for two years and the committee meets every two months.

‘Our RADF committee consists of people who are passionate about arts, culture and heritage in our region and members assess applications and outcome reports, provide advice on the allocation of funds, encourage applications and develop strong community networks.

‘Membership is for two years and the committee meets four times/year or as required.

‘If you’ve got an interest, experience or expertise in Chinese cultural heritage, the arts or tourism, then we’re keen to have you apply for a position on the Atherton Chinatown Advisory Committee.

‘The committee advises us and the National Trust of Australia on the operations of Atherton Chinatown.

‘The positions are for two years and the committee meets four times/year.

‘Our Agriculture Advisory Committee is new and we’re looking for people in our community to have a say on how we can better serve the agriculture industry and help us understand the needs of primary producers.

‘The committee will ensure a strategic and long-term approach to agriculture development in the region, and will meet at least once/year for the term of the current Council (2024).

‘We’re holding a series of sessions to provided further information on the formation and role of the Agriculture Advisory Committee. Join us at:

  • Mount Garnet Town Hall at 12.30–1.30pm on Tuesday 6 September
  • Patrick English Pavilion Supper Room in Malanda at 12.30–1.30pm on Wednesday 7 September
  • Coordination Centre at 15 Vernon Street in Atherton at 12.30–1.30pm on Friday 9 September.

Terms of reference and application forms are available online and applications close for the Agriculture Advisory Committee on Monday 19 September, and on Monday 15 August for the other four committees,’ said Mayor Marti.