Fees at Transfer Stations

Tablelands Regional Council is reminding the community that the Queensland Government Waste Levy applies at transfer stations across the region.

The levy has been in place since 2019, and is part of the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy for Queensland to increase recycling and resource recovery, and reduce waste.

‘Except where exemptions apply, fees will be applied to waste going to landfill,’ said Deputy Mayor Kevin Cardew.

‘As landfill operators we pay the levy to the Queensland Government, based on the amount of waste disposed of in landfills.

‘Currently the Queensland Government provides an annual payment to offset the cost of the levy to households.

‘This means there is no charge for domestic waste up to 1m3 taken to our transfer stations.

‘Commercial waste and domestic waste over 1m3 incur a Waste Levy fee.

‘There are also Waste Levy fee for disposing of car bodies, mattresses, tires, contaminated waste, carcasses and other items.

‘All the details are on our website, so check what applies before you head to our transfer stations.

‘Unfortunately staff and contractors at our transfer stations often bear the brunt of the community’s lack of understanding of the Waste Levy.

‘They have been victims of abuse and threats, which takes a toll on their wellbeing.

‘Our staff don’t make these rules — they just doing their job and it is unfair they are being targeted.

‘It’s important to remember we are part of the community and are working with you to ensure the future of our region.

‘Everyone has the right to feel safe and respected in their workplace and we thank the people who treat our staff with respect,’ said Deputy Mayor Cardew.