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Connection to Training Organisations for Student Placements

Students undertaking vocational training (e.g. hospitality, childcare, individual support, etc.) participate in the workplace to fulfill their qualifications. There is no cost to you. You can host students through training organisations and schools and the insurance is covered by their registered training organisation. This is also a great way to mentor and identify potential talent. Contact your local high school’s Vocational Educational Coordinator, Vocational Partnership Group or to be connected to training organisations.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Traineeships and apprenticeships can be part-time, full-time, or school-based depending on your business needs. See available apprenticeships and traineeships in Queensland.

The Queensland Government’s Vocational Education Training Investment Program support includes:

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Skilling Queenslanders for Work

Employers can engage in local Skilling Queenslanders for Work training to connect to potential local talent. Contact for more information.

Work Experience

Unpaid work experience is a great way to attract future candidates, identify talent and support your community.  Requests may be initiated by high schools, parents or organisations such as Vocational Partnership Group and PCYC.

Training Solutions

There are thousands of courses available and funded through the state government VET investment program.  Visit Skills Gateway to find courses and training providers.

Entry Level Qualifications

The Certificate 3 Guarantee supports staff and the community to obtain a certificate III in a high-priority qualification.  See a list of coursesJob Trainer may also have courses.

Higher Level Skills (Certificate IV and above)

Higher Level Skills provides access to subsidised training for certificate IV and above qualifications, and priority skill sets.  See the priorities skills list or contact your preferred training provider.  If you’re not employed, there are many courses funded under Job Trainer

Short Courses

When you are running a business you and your team often need fast and targeted training that is industry-specific. See what is available for your industry

Workforce Support