THREAT IS REDUCED — Atherton Tablelands region — Ex-Tropical cyclone as at 12.35am Thursday 14 December 2023.

Warning level — ADVICE

Warning area — Atherton Tablelands local government area.

This warning is from Tablelands Regional Council.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper has passed. You still need to be careful of the dangers and damage caused by the cyclone.

For cyclone emergency help, call the SES on 132 500 or download the SES Assistance QLD app. Expect delays and please be patient. If your life is in danger, call Triple Zero (000).

This is the last cyclone warning. There could be other warnings for the area, like flood or extreme heat. Stay up to date.


  • Powerlines and trees have fallen. They can be hard to see and covered in debris.
  • The power and phone services could be out for a long time. They will be restored when staff and supplies can get through, and when safe.
  • Roads may be closed or badly damaged. Do not drive unless you must.
  • Water supply might be impacted. Only drink water from your emergency supply and keep an eye on our boil water notices information (
  • Flooding will start to go down. Never play, walk, ride or drive through floodwater because it is dangerous and toxic.
  • Heat and humidity often follow cyclones.

What you should do

  • Leave your place of shelter when it is safe.
  • Be aware of fallen powerlines, trees and other hazards. Fallen powerlines can be hard to see under debris.
  • Drive slowly and carefully if going back home.
  • Do not use gas or generators inside. Fumes can be deadly.
  • Limit use of devices to save batteries, and how much water you use to make supplies last longer.
  • Stay away from floodwater.
  • If you have children make sure they are with you or an adult you trust.
  • Do not go sight-seeing. Keep roads clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Protect your health and safety:
  • Wear boots, gloves and protective clothing while cleaning up.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Put on insect repellent.
  • Throw away food that should be kept cold or frozen if you lost power.
  • Drink only bottled water or water you stored before the cyclone.
  • If your home is damaged:
    • Stack rubbish away from water meters and powerlines.
    • Keep electricity, gas and all appliances turned off until checked by a qualified tradesperson.
    • Only use generators and gas barbecues outside.
    • There could be gas leaks. Never use matches, cigarette lighters or naked flames inside.
    • Take photos of your home and damaged items and contact your insurance company.
  • Help yourself and others if you can. Check on elderly neighbours.

Support and recovery help:

More information

  • Go to our Emergency Management Dashboard ( for the latest weather warning, emergency contacts, road closures and conditions, power outages, news from our Disaster Coordination Centre, links to ABC radio and key social media.
  • Visit the Bureau of Meteorology ( for weather information.
  • Listen to our local radio stations.