Visitor Information Centre Membership Guidelines


  • Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) operates visitor information centres (VICs) in Atherton, Herberton, Malanda, Ravenshoe and Yungaburra.
  • The VICs promote the region and tourism businesses, and provide an information and booking service for visitors and the community.
  • The VICs also provide space for tourism businesses and community organisations to display their brochures.
  • All brochures distributed from the VICs are free to visitors.

Applications & Fees

  • Membership is free for businesses in the TRC Local Government Area (LGA).
  • An annual fee is charged for businesses outside the TRC LGA. The fee covers brochure display for the financial year, and a pro-rata fee applies for each quarter of the financial year.
  • Businesses wishing to display brochures must complete a member application form by 31 July each year and, where applicable, pay the fee.
  • Payment can be made via credit card or invoice. Credit card payments can be made at the Atherton Tablelands Information Centre or by phone.
  • If an application is not received by 31 July, the business’s brochure/s will be removed. Businesses will be notified and must collect their brochures within 10 working days or the brochures will be recycled.
  • Herberton is not an accredited VIC and brochure display is subject to space and alignment with the museum.
  • Regional and town brochures are displayed free of charge, subject to availability of display space.
  • Community organisations may display brochures free of charge, subject to discretion and available space. Priority will be given to organisations based in the TRC LGA.

Brochure Requirements

  • Business brochures must be professionally produced.
  • Community organisation brochures can be produced in-house but must be of high quality.
  • Brochures must be DL, A5 or A4-sized.
  • Inserted material must be securely affixed.
  • Information contained in brochures must be correct and up-to-date. TRC does not accept responsibility for incorrect or out-of-date information.
  • Businesses are responsible for the delivery of brochures to the Atherton Tablelands Information Centre, which will arrange brochure distribution to other VICs.
  • If brochures are delivered to a VIC without prior consent and/or payment of the fee (where applicable), the business is liable for collecting the brochures within 10 working days or the brochures will be recycled.
  • TRC reserves the right to remove brochures from display at any time. Businesses will be notified and the business must collect their brochures within 10 working days or the brochures will be recycled.
  • TRC assumes that businesses operate to a professional standard and have appropriate insurance cover.

Other Member Benefits

Booking Service

  • TRC VICs provide a booking service for all member businesses
  • A 10% commission applies to all bookings made by TRC VICs.

Product Promotion

  • TRC VICs can arrange familiarisation visits to member businesses.
  • Member businesses may provide presentations at VIC meetings and training sessions.
  • VICS may promote events and special offerings through display boards and social media.

Other Businesses

  • Local businesses based in the TRC LGA who do not have brochures may promote their service free of charge by placing a business card in their local VIC.

 Excluded Literature

  • Political and religious material (unless a directory of religious organisations and/or times of religious services).
  • Offensive, discriminatory or prejudicial material.

These guidelines are subject to review and amendment at any time.