Summary of Thursday 23 November Ordinary Council Meeting

Tolga Industrial Estate & Rail Trail Development Plan

The Tolga Industrial Estate and Rail Trail Development Plan includes outcomes from further engagement with Tolga Industrial Estate property owners in relation to their preferred expansion option and Department of Transport and Main Roads in relation to the required minimum width of the Atherton Tablelands Rail Trail corridor. Council endorsed supporting the expansion of industrial properties to 15m.

Priors Creek Development

Contract T-TRC2023-12 for the construction of Priors Creek Development was awarded to Northern Civil Earthworks Pty Ltd, trading as TerraNovus Civil, for $9,419,814.30 including GST. The work includes removing and relocating power lines, a new road and roundabouts, lighting and underground services ($2,756,368.70 including GST). The contract also includes intersection work, parklands, landscaping and removal of the Vernon Street toilet block by separate resolution of Council ($6,663,445.60 including).


The unconfirmed minutes from the Friday 20 October Agricultural Advisory Committees were noted. The committee maintains formal and constructive relationships with agricultural producers and landholders.

The minutes of the Friday 20 October Priors Creek Steering Committee meeting were noted.

The minutes of the 31 October Natural Asset Management Advisory Committee meeting were noted, and several recommendations resolved.

The Terms of Reference of all advisory committees will be amended to require the minutes of meetings to be presented at the next ordinary Council meeting.

Eastern Road Train Limit

Discussions will commence with Department of Transport and Main Roads regarding extending the road train limit from Mount Garnet to Ravenshoe.

Reconfiguring a Lot

A development application for reconfiguring one lot into four at 121 Welch Road, Barrine was approved, subject to conditions.

Road Naming Policy

The Road Naming Policy establishes principles for the identification of appropriate road names, and processes for naming and renaming roads. The updated policy includes amendments to responsibility to designate road type, new name options, and minor corrections.

Transfer Stations

The infrastructure at the Mount Garnet Transfer Station will be replaced and the site reopened in late February 2024.

Recent compliance and Native Title reviews have shown that the Ravenshoe Transfer Station is encroaching on state forest land and road reserve. A request will be made to convert a portion of Ravenshoe State Forest to freehold, close sections of the road reserve, and relinquish trusteeship over Lot 308 on CWL 2530 for inclusion into Ravenshoe State Forest 3.

Water Concession Request

A 100% water concession ($1819.70) will be provided to the Atherton Pistol Club for an undetected leak charged to their January 2023 water bill.

Urban Addressing & Rural Numbering

Incorrect and inconsistent urban addressing and rural numbering have resulted in difficulties in locating properties, especially for emergency services. Consultation will be undertaken with affected property owners regarding:

  • renaming the southern end (from Herberton Road) of Weaver Street in Atherton to Weaver Street South.
  • correcting rural numbering on Hall and Castino roads in Tolga.

Finance Report

Operating revenue and expenditure continue to be on target. The Quarterly Report for 1 July to 30 September 2023 shows performance towards delivering initiatives in the Operational Plan.

Annual Report

The Annual Report details our achievements for the 2022–23 financial year and our progress in delivering the priorities in our Corporate and Operational plans. The report also includes our statutory and annual financial reports.

Grant Government Recommendations

Changes have been made to the way financial and in-kind assistance is provided via grants, sponsorships and bursaries. Application processes have been streamlined and simplified to ensure support is being delivered in a transparent, equitable and fiscally responsible way. The Grant Program Policy was updated, and Grant Program Guidelines, and Sponsorship Policy and Guidelines developed.

Transfer of Land to Aboriginal People

Department of Resources will be advised that TRC continues to have an interest in the following lots, is unwilling to relinquish its trustee leases and does not support the declaration of the lots as available state land:

  • Lot 444 on NR 4711
  • Lot 663 on SP 108721
  • Lot 854 on SP 211142
  • Lot 855 on SP 108721
  • Lot 224 on NR 4711
  • Lot 856 on SP 211142.

Wooroora Station Wind Farm

Council will support the Wooroora Station Wind Farm and encourage federal authorities to approve the project as soon as possible.

Advocacy Trip to Canberra

Mayor Rod Marti and CEO Gary Rinehart conducted an advocacy trip to Canberra to garner support for the Priors Creek Development and water infrastructure upgrades for the region. Meetings were held with Senator Nita Green, Minister Kristy McBain, Minister Catherine King and Senator Anthony Chisolm. The advocacy was well received and the outcome of our $5M grant application for Priors Creek Development is expected in December.

December Planning Meeting

There will be no Planning Committee meeting in December. The next Planning Committee meeting will be on Thursday 11 January 2024.

Transfer of Lease

A lease at Atherton Aerodrome for an aircraft hangar and related infrastructure will be transferred to a new lessee.

Carinya Home for the Aged

In principle support was provided to divest interest in Lot 802 on SP 168112 to a suitably qualified operator of Carinya Home for the Aged.

Land Restoration Fund Project Finalisation

The scope of the Land Restoration Fund Project will be reduced from 5ha to 1.75ha of biodiversity plantings. The variation is a result of land acquisition difficulties and changes to legislation.

Agendas, Minutes & Next Meetings

The next ordinary Council meeting will be at 9am Thursday 14 December, and the next Planning Committee meeting will be at 9am Thursday 11 January 2024 in the Coordination Centre, 15 Vernon Street, Atherton. The meetings will be live streamed and recorded.