Sponsorship for Events

Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) has reviewed and improved its Grants and Event Sponsorship programs.

As a result, the application process for funding and sponsoring events and activities in the TRC region has changed.

‘We’re holding an information session to work with the community on the changes we’ve made to how we provide support for events,’ said Deputy Mayor Kevin Cardew.

‘The biggest change is that we need all applications for cash sponsorship completed by 28 February each year, for events in the following financial year.

‘We use these applications to apply appropriate budget allocations to support events in the region.

‘Previously we had a first-come-first-served process that wasn’t strategic or fair for applications made later in the year.

‘It’s important that groups and organisations who previously applied for cash funding for events and activities through our Community Grants Program understand that they now need to apply through our Event Sponsorship Program, and that new guidelines apply,’ said Deputy Mayor Cardew.

Groups and organisations who only require in-kind support for their events can continue to apply at any time.

In-kind support includes the use of bins, tables, chairs, marquees, traffic cones, bollards, accessible car parking signs and other items.

The TRC Event Sponsorship Information Session will be at 10am Saturday 3 February at the Coordination Centre, 15 Vernon Street in Atherton.

Find out more and apply for the TRC Event Sponsorship program.