Interment & Memorial Options

We accommodate a range of interment and memorial options. Facilities and options vary across cemeteries and fees apply for the plot and the burial.

Interment and memorials must meet the requirements of our Cemetery Management Policy and Local Laws including:

  • a funeral director is required for the interment of a casket/coffin
  • ashes can be interred by a funeral director or legal representative of the family (e.g. next of kin, executor, etc.)
  • the legal representatives of the deceased are responsible for the repair, maintenance, upkeep and preservation of interment sites and memorials
  • planting of trees and other plants is not permitted
  • flowers placed on a plot at the time of burial can remain on the site for approximately 14 days, after which time they may be removed
  • tributes must not create hazards or maintenance issues and we have the right to remove them if necessary.


Ashes may be buried into a new plot, added to an existing plot (subject to conditions) or placed into a columbarium wall. The scattering of ashes outside a cemetery does not require our approval. You can purchase a leaf plaque to be placed near a chair at the Millaa Millaa Cemetery to recognise ashes scattered in other places.

Second Interments

A second casket/coffin interment is possible in a single plot provided the initial interment is at an adequate depth. The Herberton Cemetery cannot accept second interments because of its ground conditions. There are no restrictions on the number of interments of ashes into a plot.

We have developed a leaf plaque to recognise and remember graves where the location is unknown in the Atherton Rockley Road Cemetery.


  • Bronze memorial leaf plaque (as shown)
  • 260mm x 180mm (inner oval 145mm x 125mm)
  • Up to eight lines of text
  • Two countersunk holes at either end

A wall or structure with niches for the interment of ashes with a bronze plaque. Plaque options vary.

The columbarium walls at Atherton, Millaa Millaa, Mount Garnet and Yungaburra are brick and the niche is covered by a plaque. The columbarium walls in Herberton and Ravenshoe are marble and a stonemason is required to remove the granite covering the niche so they can be engraved. The stonemason will also oversee the placement of ashes and installation of the engraved granite face.

Plaque Dimensions

  • Malanda, Millaa Millaa, Mount Garnet and Yungaburra cemeteries — 203 x 229mm.
  • Herberton and Ravenshoe cemeteries — 240mm x 210mm x 300mm.
  • Atherton Cemetery single niche — 205 x 160mm
  • Atherton Cemetery double nice — 165 x 229mm
  • Atherton Cemetery double niche detachable plate — 140 x 70mm.

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A mausoleum is a free-standing structure for housing above ground vaults, typically for a single family.

A mausoleum wall houses above ground vaults, allowing for interment outside a private mausoleum.

Both options are available at Atherton New Lawn Cemetery.

A memorial on a full grave with an inscription. It is usually free-standing and typically made of granite, marble, concrete, tiles or other long-lasting materials. Size is usually restricted to 1.2m wide x 2.4m long x 1.2m high. A waiting time of up to 18 months after interment may be required, depending on soil saturation.

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A memorial (headstone) with an inscription at the top of a grave. The headstone is typically placed on common beam (concrete market that designates a row). Maximum dimensions of the headstone are of 1200mm wide x 300mm deep x 1200mm high.

Available At:

Atherton Lawn Cemetery - ANZAC Trail Place - Tablelands Regional Council

A bronze plaque attached to a common concrete beam/plinth. Submit an application to erect, change or install a memorial/plaque, with a proof, and indicate if you would like us to install the plaque or you are installing yourself.

Plaque Specifications

  • Maximum 380mm long x 216mm wide
  • Seven lines of text
  • Religious symbol
  • Single inscription in Roman lettering
  • Raised edges
  • Row and plot number on the bottom right
  • No holes or screws

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To remember people who have had their ashes scattered, or are buried in cemeteries outside the region, we have developed a leaf plaque that is placed around a memorial chair at the Millaa Millaa Cemetery.


  • Bronze memorial leaf plaque (as shown)
  • 260mm x 180mm (inner oval 145mm x 125mm)
  • Up to eight lines of text
  • Two countersunk holes at either end

A lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses a casket. Can be either above or below the ground and lined with brick, concrete or other approved materials.

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