Exhibition Guidelines

1. Application Process

1.1 Please read these guidelines carefully before completing the application form. Other reference sources are listed at the end of this document.

1.2 These guidelines refer to timelines for the provision of information and delivery of works. To ensure the smooth planning and running of the exhibition, all artists are expected to comply with these time frames. If unexpected delays arise, the Galleries Officer should be notified immediately.

1.3 Ensure you complete the checklist in your application prior to submission.

1.4 Applications for the three galleries are assessed on an annual basis, with the closing date (April) advertised on the Tableland Regional Council (TRC) website.

2 Selection & Acceptance

2.1 Applications should be made on the online form through the TRC website and submitted electronically.

2.2 Applications for the Tableland Regional Gallery are assessed by the Regional Gallery Advisory Committee.

2.3 Applications for the Old Post Office and Foyer Galleries are assessed by the Galleries Officer and the Hanging Team Leader.

2.4 You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application within six weeks of the application closing date. If successful, the Galleries Officer will arrange a meeting with you.

2.5 If an exhibition for the Tableland Regional Gallery is unsuccessful, the Old Post Office or Foyer Galleries may be Feedback on the application can be provided by the Galleries Officer on request.

2.6 Applications should include sufficient information to clearly demonstrate how the proposal meets the following assessment criteria:

  • Artistic merit and originality.
  • Previous exhibition experience.
  • Clear description of the exhibition’s concept.
  • Proposed additional public programming eg: artist in residence, artist talks, skills workshops.
  • Gallery exhibition program considerations.

The Galleries Officer is responsible for the scheduling of exhibitions and will  endeavour to accommodate artist date preferences if possible.

3 Artwork

3.1 All artwork must be new and not previously exhibited on the Tablelands, unless otherwise approved by the Advisory Committee or the Galleries Officer.

3.2 In addition to submitting the application form, artists should supply up to 10 high-resolution images with title, artist, date and media. These need not be works for the proposed exhibition but demonstrate the current thinking and style of the artist.

3.3 Applications from community groups who wish to exhibit annually will be welcome, however groups may not be offered their gallery of choice and applications will be assessed annually against the assessment criteria and other applications received.

3.4 Organisation of the exhibition will be the responsibility of the exhibitor(s) in consultation with, and under the supervision of, the Galleries Officer and the Hanging Team Leader.

3.5 Inclusion of works for an exhibition is at the discretion of the Galleries Officer or Hanging Team Leader who reserve the right not to display works for any reason.

3.6 Artwork will not be displayed if delivered late or not correctly mounted.

4. Framing & Presentation

4.1 Framing is the responsibility of the artist and must be of museum/gallery standard.

4.2 All 2D artwork must be fitted with D hooks (min 15mm width). The artwork needs to hang as flat to the wall as possible. Experiment with the placement of hooks as heavy frames can sometimes hang too far forward. Medium to large works need hooks placed approximately 100mm from the top of the work. Small works need hooks placed approximately 50mm from the top of the work.

4.3 3D works must be able to be lifted by two people and have a mount/support that ensures stability of the work during the exhibition.

4.4 Prior liaison with the Galleries Officer is needed for large and/or heavy works and installations that have special installation requirements.

4.5 Artworks must have the artist name and title of artwork written on the back of each work. If the item is 3D please attach a label to the item.

4.6 Tableland Regional Gallery may be able to provide a small selection of frames for hire. Contact the Galleries Officer for further information.

5 Gallery Services & Charges

5.1 TRC does not charge for the use of exhibition space at its galleries.

5.2 All costs regarding presentation, transport and promotion are the responsibility of exhibitors.

5.3 The Gallery promotes exhibitions through the TRC website and Arts on Track newsletter.

5.4 TRCsupplies a professional wall hanging system. A volunteer Gallery Hanging Team installs exhibitions under the direction of the Hanging Team Leader and Galleries Officer.

5.5 Gallery staff work with exhibitors to produce labels and catalogues based on information supplied to the gallery by the artist within set timeframes.

5.6 A commission is taken by the Galleries for art sales. The commission rates are 30% at the Tableland Regional Gallery and 20% at the Old Post Office and Foyer Galleries The commission is deducted before the artist payment.

5.7 A default fee of $300 will be charged if an exhibition is cancelled without at least eight months prior notice in writing to the Galleries Officer.

6 Sales

6.1 All works must be sold through the Gallery and paid for prior to the closing of the exhibition.

6.2 Payments for all exhibitions are made at the Tableland Regional Gallery, 16 Robert St (in the Atherton Library complex).

6.3 No private sale arrangements for exhibited works can be entered into.

6.4 The commission fee applies on all works sold.

6.5 The artist will receive payment for the balance of sales from TRC approximately 30 days from close of the exhibition.

6.6 All exhibiting artists need to complete a creditor application and tax form, including individual artists in a group exhibition. This enables prompt payment processing by TRC for art sales.

6.7 If a customer has not fully paid for the artwork once the exhibition is closed, the Tableland Regional Gallery is not responsible for payment to the artist. The work will be considered unsold.

6.8 If an artist/group wish to sell related merchandise in the gallery shop, this should be discussed with the Galleries Officer at least four weeks prior to the exhibition installation date.

7 Exhibition Scheduling

7.1 Tableland Regional Gallery and Old Post Office Gallery exhibitions are generally scheduled one year in advance. Each exhibition will be scheduled to run between four and eight weeks. This will be at the discretion of the Galleries Officer and the Advisory Committee.

7.2 Council may at its sole discretion close or otherwise alter the opening hours of the Galleries and accepts no liability to the artist should this be necessary.

8 Exhibition Installs & Demounts.

8.1 Installs and demounts are conducted when the galleries are closed to the public, usually on a Monday.

8.2 All exhibitions will be installed and demounted under the leadership and guidance of the Galleries Officer and the Hanging Team Leader with limited opportunity for input from the artist(s) prior to and during the install.

9 Gallery Location & Opening Hours

Gallery locations and opening hours.

9.1 Opening hours of the Regional and Old Post Office Galleries rely on the availability of volunteers and other considerations. Check the opening hours.

9.2 TRC reserves the right to vary the opening hours, including closing a gallery(ies), temporarily or permanently, at its sole discretion for any reason.

10 Insurance

10.1 Exhibitors are responsible for insurance of works in transit and while on display in the TRC galleries.

10.2 All galleries have alarm systems installed.

10.3 Tablelands Regional Council has Public Liability Insurance for all galleries.

11 Exhibition Catalogue/Labels

11.1 All information should be supplied electronically in a word or similar editable document to facilitate the layout and printing of labels and, if required, the catalogue.

11.2 The Gallery supplies labels based on information supplied by the exhibitor. The gallery requires a complete list of artwork titles, with artist name and artistic medium. Artists will be provided with an Artwork Registration Form, to be returned by email at least four weeks prior to the exhibition opening in order to prepare the labels.

11.3 Didactics may be part of your exhibition and written information should be supplied with the label information.

11.4 Two high-resolution promotional images of two of the exhibition artworks will be required well in advance of the exhibition opening.

11.5 Artists should also supply an artist statement and list of works for the exhibition catalogue. Remember to keep copies of these for your own records.

11.6 Exhibitors may wish to print flyers for publicity and/or an invitation to an opening event. These must be checked and approved by the Galleries Officer prior to use. Please send to the Galleries Officer at least four weeks prior to the exhibition for approval and circulation.

11.7 It is a requirement by TRC that all promotional material should include the Gallery/TRC logo, which will be supplied by the Galleries Officer.

12 Gallery Space

12.1 The Tableland Regional Gallery has approximately 35m running space. Additional hanging space is available on two, double-sided walls (2.4m wide). A further 3m may be available in the shop area by negotiation, and 12m on moveable walls in the gallery. Plinths and display cases are available on request. Frames may be available on request.

12.2 The Old Post Office has approximately 27m running space in the main gallery. The rear workshop area of this gallery has an additional 15m running space. Plinths of varying sizes are available and display cases may be available with advance notice.

12.3 The Foyer Gallery has approximately 30m running space. Plinths of varying sizes may be available with advance notice.

13 Storage

13.1 The Tableland Regional Gallery has limited storage space.

13.2 The Old Post Office and Foyer Galleries cannot store artwork.

13.3 Please ensure all artwork is collected on the day the exhibition is dismantled.

14 Publicity

14.1 Prepare a media release well in advance for distribution to the local newspapers, radio/TV stations and social media postings. Contact the relevant media regarding supplying images or having photographs taken.

14.2 Your media release should include an image, exhibition title, artist name and information on the artworks. Exhibition dates, location, and information on an opening event, with the gallery logo are also needed. Provide artist contact details in case the media want more information or for photo opportunities. Forward a digital copy of your media release to the Galleries

15 Exhibition Opening

15.1  All exhibition openings and events are subject to COVID-19 restrictions at the time and may be cancelled at short notice or subject to limitations on numbers. Please check with the Galleries Officer before commencing arrangements.

15.2 The Tableland Regional Gallery and Old Post Office Gallery provide the option for your exhibition to have an opening function. The opening function for the Tableland Regional Gallery or Old Post Office gallery is normally held on a Friday evening 5.30–7.30pm. Other times may be possible on request.

15.3 Prepare an invitation list which could include the Mayor and Councillors of TRC, local politicians, business identities, other artists, friends, family, work colleagues. Always invite the media.

15.4 Inviting a small band of volunteers to assist with the catering and preparations is highly recommended. If you will need assistance, please let the Galleries Officer know in good time.

15.5 Distribute invitations. It is advisable to send your invitations two–four weeks in advance to allow your guests time to RSVP. Invitations must be of professional standard. Please discuss Covid-19 restrictions that may apply at the time of your exhibition opening with the Galleries Officer as these may include limits on numbers and other requirements.

15.6 Gallery exhibitors are required to clean up after the opening.

15.7 It is usual to have an exhibition opening speaker. Please discuss who is to open the exhibition with the Galleries Officer four weeks in advance of the opening. A PA system can be supplied if required.

15.8 Please include an Acknowledgement of Country in your speech, the Galleries Officer can provide guidance on wording. Thank guests and dignitaries for attendance, as well as people who assisted with your exhibition, including the Hanging Team who are volunteers.

16 Catering

16.1 All costs and arrangements associated with the catering, serving and entertainment for the opening are the exhibitor’s responsibility.

16.2 It is a condition that all exhibitors confirm arrangements of the opening function with the Galleries Officer at least one month prior to the exhibition.

16.3 All food to be served must be prepared in accordance with TRC food hygiene requirements and Covid restrictions in place at the time.

16.4 Exhibitors who supply their own catering supplies and equipment (such as utensils, platters, glasses etc.) are to clean up after the opening. Where needed the Galleries Officer can suggest some local caterers who can provide platters for collection.

16.5 The Tableland Regional and Old Post Office Galleries have access to a kitchen, a full-size fridge/freezer and a microwave However, it is advisable to bring professionally catered food to the event.

17 Further References

Further information can be found on the TRC website trc.qld.gov.au or are available from the Galleries Officer, including:

Galleries Officer
Tableland Regional Gallery
PO Box 573
Atherton Qld 4883
07 4089 2391