Contact us for information on landing options, leasing of land for hanger construction and other enquiries.

Atherton Aerodrome

Atherton Airport, Aerodrome Road, Atherton
  • Weather Feed supplied by Atherton Aero Club.
  • Sporting and recreational aviation aerodrome.
  • 1160m grassed runway (15-33) 2km from Atherton.
  • Aircraft parking available on grassed parking area.
  • Gateway to the Atherton Tablelands and short distance to Lake Tinaroo Dam and other attractions.
  • Lease areas for construction of hangers.
  • Fuel supplied by IOR Aviation Pty Ltd. Avgas 100LL AVBL H24 self-serve bowser. Payment via IOR Aviation tag for account holders or  Fuel Charge app.
  • Landing and aircraft parking fees do not apply.
  • Atherton Aero Club meets on the third Sunday of the month.

Mount Garnet Aerodrome

Aerodrome Rd, Innot Hot Springs
  • Unsealed aircraft landing area with 1100m runway (09-27) 6km from Mount Garnet and 10km from Innot Hot Springs.
  • Aircraft tie-down parking available.
  • Contact us before using this strip.