Environmental & Sustainability Groups

We support and work in partnership with local community groups to protect our environment.

Barron River Catchment   

The Barron River Catchment Management Association (BRCMA) was formed in 1994 to identify and implement sustainable land use and catchment management strategies for the Barron River. Barron Catchment Care is one of seven catchment groups within the Wet Tropics Region It includes representatives from a wide range of interest groups, including local councils, rural producers, commerce and industry, urban community, conservation, tourism, education, and state agencies.

Seed Savers Up North & Seed Savers Network

Seed Savers Up North is part of the Seed Savers’ Australia wide network. They are a non-profit group of gardeners who are passionate about saving our plant heritage and preserving the genetic basis of tomorrow’s food. Since 1995 Seed Savers have helped FNQ gardeners learn about the importance of seed saving and provide a method of swapping plant materials, seeds, and growing information.

Tablelands Wildlife Rescue

The Tablelands is an environment rich with native animals, so if you come across an animal that you think is sick or injured, call the 24hr emergency number 4091 7767. The website has great wildlife first aid advice and if you like to get up close and personal you can also find out when wildlife workshops are running.

Terrain Natural Resource Management

Terrain NRM is the natural resource management body for the Wet Tropics. They are a not-for-profit company, with a membership including over 120 local organisations with key roles managing the region’s natural resources according to the targets and actions set out in Terrain’s regional NRM plan.

Tolga Bat Hospital

Tolga Bat Hospital is a community-based organisation that promotes public education, partnerships and capacity building while working specifically for the conservation of bats and their habitat.

TREAT — Trees for Evelyn & Atherton Tablelands

TREAT is an incorporated organisation with approximately 500 member households across the Tablelands. TREAT has a special working relationship with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group Inc (TKMG)

TKMG is an incorporated community group , made up of local residents interested in, and concerned for, the conservation of North Queensland’s rich mammal fauna.

Wet Tropics Management Authority (WTMA)

WTMA was established under the Wet Tropics World Heritage Protection and Management Act 1993 to provide leadership, facilitation, advocacy and guidance in the management and presentation of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Based in Cairns, WTMA comprises a dedicated team of planners and outreach specialists that focus on building networks in the wet tropics region.