Noise emissions that impact on people and the local environment are investigated by different state and local government agencies. This table identifies who is responsible for noise investigations in our region.

Type of NoiseResponse Agency
Party or music from a private propertyQueensland Police
People arguingQueensland Police
Vehicle noise on roadsQueensland Police
Vehicle on private or TRC propertyQueensland Police
Watercraft on public waterQueensland Police
Watercraft on private waterTablelands Regional Council
In national parksDepartment of Environment & Science
In state forestsDepartment of Agriculture & Fisheries
Air trafficAir Services Australia
Regulated devices e.g. power and garden toolsTablelands Regional Council
Domestic animals (including barking dogs)Tablelands Regional Council
Building siteTablelands Regional Council
Shooting rangesTablelands Regional Council
Gas gunsTablelands Regional Council
Music event requiring a permitTablelands Regional Council

The primary piece of legislation that addresses noise emissions is found within the Queensland State Government’s Environmental Protection Act 1994. Within this Act there are prescribed noise standards for various types of equipment and for different places (e.g. building site noise or shooting range noise). The Act makes it an offence to breach a prescribed noise standard and on-the-spot fines can be issued for a breach of a noise standard.

We are responsible for regulating the noise standards contained within the Act.