Friends of the Reveg Nursery

Our Community Revegetation Nursery (Reveg Nursery) is a dynamic workspace where people who enjoy growing plants, like to work with their hands, and have an eye for detail and willingness to learn new things find volunteering a rewarding opportunity.


There is an array of abilities and diversity with our workforce that includes TRC staff, volunteers and occasionally work experience students. Inclusive and respectful behaviours, as well as working to each other’s strengths, ensures we are a rewarding and productive workplace. Volunteers work under the direction of both the TRC Natural Assets Officer and the Nursery Ganger.


Volunteering supports the production of local native plants for revegetation projects on the Atherton Tablelands. This is achieved through work performed at the nursery and includes activities associated with plant production and maintenance.

Volunteers will not be used to displace or replace paid staff, nor will they be applying herbicides or insecticides.

Hours of Work

It is desirable for volunteers to commence at 8.30am or after morning tea/smoko or lunch.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Plant production
    • Processing seeds for propagation and/or storage.
    • Potting seedlings into tube stock.
    • Moving stock through production areas.
  • Nursery infrastructure maintenance
    • Repairing or creating materials.
    • Cleaning workspaces and equipment.
    • Cleaning and sanitising pots and other equipment.
  • Nursery production records
    • Record keeping of propagation, potting and stock movement.
    • Data entry.
  • Plant health maintenance.
  • Administrative assistance including filing, photocopying, and scanning.
  • Complying with workplace health and safety requirements.
  • Assisting with other projects as required.

Training Requirements

As part of the role, volunteers will undertake ongoing training such as a site-specific induction including TRC workplace health and safety procedures, nursery plant production and management, and emergency evacuation.