Strategic Vision

We are striving to deliver a number of projects via advocacy as part of a planned and strategic approach for developing our region.

Priority Infrastructure

In addition we are committed to:

  • Provision of health services to meet future needs such as Atherton Hospital upgrade to increase capacity and include specialist health hub
  • Supporting higher education facilities and opportunities to train and attract our own (e.g. Regional University Centre)
  • Attracting and dispersing visitors throughout the region, extending overnight stays and expenditure
  • Supporting investment and development
    • Infrastructure Charge Deferrals Policy details the circumstances under which Council may, at its discretion, agree to the payment of levied infrastructure charges for reconfiguration of lot approvals at a later date than is otherwise established under the Planning Act 2016.
    • Infrastructure Charges Commercial (Bulk Goods) Policy provides equity in charging for Commercial (Bulk Goods) development by providing capped infrastructure charges for development commencing from 1 July 2022. The policy is intended to apply to large-scale development where the demand rates associated infrastructure servicing requirements are not commensurate with the scale of the development.
    • Investment Incentive Policy provides incentives for development by providing waived infrastructure charges for certain types of new development commencing from 1 July 2022. The purpose of this policy is to attract investment in medium-density dwellings, strategically important industries and major catalytic projects.