When We Can Help

We have limited legislative powers regarding stormwater under state legislation.

  • When stormwater installations (gutters and downpipes) have been installed and TRC drainage (kerb and channelling or inter-allotment drainage) has been constructed.
  • If stormwater issues can be linked to a building permit or development permit and the permit conditions contain stormwater provisions.

When We Can’t Help

In many circumstances we have no legislative powers and the situation must be pursued through the courts.

  • When the issue relates to existing buildings and structures.
  • When there is no TRC drainage or tenure.
  • When fences, walls, swimming pools, landscaping, garden beds, buildings, structures, etc interfere with the path of stormwater.
  • When the topography causes stormwater to flow from one allotment to another and is not being diverted by stormwater pipes of any building or structure.

Things You Can Do

  • Have an informal meeting with neighbours to discuss your concerns.
  • Try to negotiate an acceptable solution suitable to all parties and record your agreement in writing.
  • Explore alternatives within your property e.g.:
    • ensure ground surfaces slope away from your building
    • landscape or reshape your ground surfaces to drain stormwater to a lawful point of discharge.
  • Keep drains clean and maintained.
  • Contact an accredited building certifier for regulations on stormwater connections.