Our Inclusive Community

Companion Cards allow people caring for or supporting others to have free entry.

Local Business Who Accept Companion Cards

IAC is working to identify opportunities to develop more inclusive and equitable tourism opportunities in the region. This will assist people of all abilities to feel welcome as guests to our region with equity and dignity.

The Queensland Government has developed Inclusive Tourism — Making your business more accessible and inclusive to assist tourism operators understand their legal obligations in relation to accessibility, increase their knowledge about the market for inclusive tourism, and develop strategies to improve the accessibility of their business to appeal to a wider range of visitors of all abilities and ages.

The guide also includes information to assist people with disability in planning a holiday.

We are committed to developing and celebrating a diverse and vibrant community.

Our Inclusion Advisory Committee (IAC) (formerly the Disability Access and Inclusion Committee) aims to create an inclusive and connected community where all people are valued and recognised for their contribution.

IAC members advise on emerging issues, concerns and opportunities for Council to address to ensure fair and equitable access to services and facilities, and to build an inclusive community for all abilities.