Summary Of October Planning Committee & Ordinary Council Meeting

Summary of Thursday 12 October Planning Committee Meeting

Planning Update

Councillors will be provided with an update on significant planning matters.

Summary of Thursday 26 October Ordinary Council Meeting

Amendment To Planning Scheme

A request to adopt proposed amendments to the TRC Planning Scheme will be made to the Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. The amendments address feedback, ensure the planning scheme is current and relevant, and encourage tourism and diversification of rural and commercial activities. One hundred and twenty-four submissions were received during public consultation and additional changes were made in response to the submissions. The amendments will be presented to Council for adoption following the Minister’s approval.

Adopted Management Plans

  • The Local Disaster Management Plan is the foundation document for preventing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters that affect the TRC Region. The plan follows the prevention, preparation, response and recovery (PPRR) methodology and is based on the concepts of a prepared and resilient community and a comprehensive, all hazards, all agencies approach to disaster management.
  • The Water Asset Management Plan 2023–32 and Wastewater Asset Management Plan 2023–32 detail information about infrastructure assets with actions required to deliver the level of service in the most cost-effective manner while defining associated risks. The plans define the services to be provided, how the services are provided and what funds are required until 2031–32.

Malanda Falls Caravan Park

Following an expression of interest process, Draks NQ and John McBride will be invited to tender for the 30-year commercial lease of the Malanda Falls Caravan Park business, land and buildings. A progress report will be provided at the December meeting.

Tender & Contract

T-TRC2023-14 for the purchase of 14 dual cab utilities and 6 four-wheel-drive single cab utilities was awarded to John Cole Toyota for $1,349,920.64 including GST and on-road costs. The 19 replaced vehicles will be disposed of via an auction house.

Contract T-TRC2021-12 for the gatehouse operation of the Atherton Transfer Station was extended for 12 months with EVY Entertainment for $133,042.50 including GST.

Caretaker Period Policy

A Caretaker Period Policy is required to cover the local government election period. The revised policy includes updates to legislation, discretionary funds, use of TRC resources, election material and media.

Finance Report

Operating revenue and expenditure are on target for the first three months of the financial year.

License Agreement Review

The CEO will review and amend the licence agreement with Eacham Historical Society.

Audit & Improvement Committee

The Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee assists TRC in fulfilling its corporate governance role and oversight of financial management and reporting responsibilities. The unconfirmed minutes of the Monday 9 October meeting were noted.

Delegation Of Statutory Powers

Under Section 257 of the Local Government Act 2009, the CEO was delegated the identified powers contained in the Queensland Heritage Act 1992.

Tinaroo Sailing Club

In principle support will be provided to the Tinaroo Sailing Club to apply for funds to construct a new ablution block.

Mount Garnet Pool

A workshop with Councillors and a subsequent report will be provided on the future of the Mount Garnet Pool.

Atherton Chinatown

In principle approval will be provided to the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) for the development of a master plan over the Atherton Chinatown precinct. The master plan will be presented to Council for endorsement.

Priors Creek Sale of Freehold Land

Following an expression of interest process to test market interest, Lakehouse Properties Pty Ltd and Clarkson Family Trust will be invited to tender for the purchase of freehold lots within the Priors Creek Development in Atherton.

Peterson Creek Walking Track

A report on the tenure issues of the Peterson Creek walking track was noted. The issue will be further investigated and discussed at the November meeting.

Agendas, Minutes & Next Meetings

The next Planning Committee meeting will be at 9am Thursday 9 November in the Atherton Boardroom, 45 Mabel Street. The meeting will not be live streamed or recorded.

The next ordinary Council meeting will be at 9am Thursday 23 November in the Coordination Centre, 15 Vernon Street, Atherton. The meeting will be live streamed and recorded.