More Investment Incentives For TRC Region

The scope of Tableland Regional Council’s Investment Incentive Policy has been widened and Mayor Rod Marti is impressed with the success of the policy since its adoption.

‘The policy provides for the waiving of infrastructure charges for the construction of affordable medium-density dwellings, the development of important industries, and the support of major projects.

‘The policy has been well received by the development industry and we’ve waived $45,000 in charges for three medium-density dwellings.

‘These projects employed six local people and had estimated construction costs of around $1M.

‘There is also a significant number of projects in the pipeline that may be eligible under the policy including about 50 residential units and developments in health, manufacturing and accommodation.

‘This is a strong start for the policy and we’re keen to continue the momentum by widening the scope to include duplexes anywhere in the region and new secondary dwellings in medium- and low-density residential zones, and extending the policy to 30 June 2026.

‘Our ongoing economic and population growth, tight rental vacancy rate and under representation of medium- and high-density dwellings (particularly outside Atherton) necessitate these amendments.

‘We’ll do whatever we can to facilitate the construction of these types of dwellings in our region, which in turn will support the local construction industry,’ said Mayor Marti.