Freehold Lots For New Mixed Use and Leisure Development In Atherton

Invitations to tender will be offered for freehold lots in the new Priors Creek Development after a resolution in the October Ordinary Council meeting.

‘Following an expression of interest process to test market interest, Lakehouse Properties Pty Ltd and Clarkson Family Trust will be invited to tender for the purchase of the lots,’ said Mayor Marti.

‘The sale of these lots will help activate the development through private sector investment, and help fund additional capital works needed to deliver the project.

‘Intended uses for the lots may include a mix of residential and holiday accommodation, retail, leisure and entertainment opportunities.

‘The Priors Creek Development will create a family-orientated public space, transforming Atherton’s CBD and providing a destination for residents and visitors to meet, play, chat and connect.

‘It will include an urban plaza for markets, 1000-person amphitheatre, nature-based playground, shared pathways and Indigenous culture and public art.

‘We’ve just received more than $1.5M of funding from Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Cycle Network Local Government Grants program to deliver the shared pathways, signs, lighting, shade trees and bike racks across the development area.

‘This funding is great news for the Tablelands Region, the Priors Creek Development and our ongoing commitment to active transport in our region,’ said Mayor Marti.