Local Disaster Coordination Centre

When a disaster occurs, we have primary responsibility for coordinating the management of the response within our region. The Tablelands Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC) is activated by the Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group. The Local Disaster Coordinator manages the LDCC and is responsible for coordinating the disaster response operations in conjunction with officers from other lead emergency agencies.+


A disaster is a serious disruption in a community, caused by the impact of an event, which requires a significant coordinated response by the State and other entities to help the community recover from the disruption.

A serious disruption is:

  • loss of human life, or illness or injury to humans or
  • widespread or severe property loss or damage or
  • widespread or severe damage to the environment.

An event is:

  • a cyclone, earthquake, flood, storm, storm tide, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption or other natural happening
  • an explosion or fire, a chemical, fuel or oil spill, or a gas leak
  • an infestation, plague or epidemic
  • a failure of, or disruption to, an essential service or infrastructure
  • an attack against the State.