Disaster Management Videos

Are you putting your and your family’s lives at risk? Legible rural and residential house numbers save lives.

Dr Rob Gordon is a clinical psychologist who has worked in disasters in Australia and New Zealand for nearly 40 years. One of Australia’s leading consultants in emergency and disaster recovery, he has consulted to urban and rural communities and agencies in transport accidents, criminal incidents, bushfires, floods, cyclones and drought.

Dr Rob’s two hour webinar discusses and answers questions about the psychological impacts of disasters on individuals and communities and reflects on the impacts of Covid-19.

The webinar was funded by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.

A part of the resilience process is ensuring our local businesses are equipped with relevant and up-to-date business continuity information, skills and resources. To this end, we hosted free webinars — Secure in the Knowledge: Covid-19. The webinars were facilitated by Continuity Planners Australia who are national experts in continuity planning for organisations of all backgrounds and sizes. They covered details of Covid-19, the need to ensure the safety of your workforce, how to identify and minimise the impact of potential risks such as loss of key staff, inability to access critical products, and supply chain challenges. They also showed how to develop a plan for other business disruptions like technology failure, flooding, fire, cyclones, etc. The webinars were made possible through funding from the Queensland Government’s Get Ready Queensland Program.

Tune in Tablelands was recorded and filmed in our region, amidst a stunning backdrop of picturesque waterfalls, rainforests and rolling green hills. The production stars local performers, students from schools in the region and emergency service personnel. The music video is a Tablelands Regional Council — Disaster Management initiative and sends the message on how to be prepared and aware in the event of natural disasters.

The one-year anniversary of the Ravenshoe Café explosion is a landmark point in the community.

This video was produced in advance of the One Year On — Thank You event. The purpose was to capture how the community was feeling in the lead up to the anniversary date of the Ravenshoe Café explosion.

Many Australians live in areas affected by Tropical Cyclones and it’s critical they have access to the latest information and warnings about severe weather events. When a cyclone is expected to form, BoM will produce a tropical cyclone forecast track map. Watch this video to understand more about BoM cyclone warnings.

What will you risk losing before you plan for storm season? What’s your ‘What if’ plan for storm season?

Exercise Bright Spark was an opportunity for Community Disaster Team members to participate in a simulated bushfire disaster event. The objectives of the exercise were to: 

  • test activation of Community Disaster Plans and resources
  • examine the ability of Community Disaster Teams to identify local resources, check on vulnerable people and determine and communicate priorities during disaster events
  • test the linkages between Community Disaster Teams and the Tablelands Local Disaster Coordination Centre
  • examine the ability of Community Disaster Teams to submit requests for resources and compile SITREPS as required by the LDCC
  • test the effectiveness of Community Disaster Plans and determine whether amendments are required.

Our multi-agency Safety Squad program with our Disaster Management staff, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (Fire and Rescue, Rural Fire and SES), Queensland Police Service, Australian Red Cross, Tablelands Radio and Electronics Club and Queensland Electrical Safety Office teaches young people about the impact of a disaster on their family, school and community, and how to reduce the impacts by being well prepared.