Councillors Declare Office

New and returning Councillors were sworn in today at Tablelands Regional Council’s (TRC) declarations of office.

Returning Mayor Rod Marti congratulated his fellow Councillors for not only being elected, but also for the significant journey they had been on since the campaign commenced.

‘Getting elected to public office is no mean feat,’ said Mayor Marti.

‘It comes with challenges, highs and lows, a lot of face-to-face discussions and community forums including Q and As, and ultimately prepares and gives us greater insight into our community.

‘I really like that this Council has a mix of serving councillors and new Councillors, and more women.

‘This is a great opportunity for the merging of fresh minds and ideas on the one hand, with Councillor knowledge, experience and know-how on the other.

‘Our councillor role is extremely important.

‘Collectively we are the pre-eminent decision-making body for our towns and our community.

‘Local government is the level of government closest to the people and, to use a cliché, it is where the rubber hits the road with its focus on critical infrastructure and daily living amenity.

‘It’s loaded with purpose, responsibility, service, accountability and potential.

‘Many of the decisions we make as a collective will have long-standing and formative impacts for our community, so how we arrive at those decisions is critically important.

‘It’s our duty to do our homework, to consult widely, to seek the best possible advice and to favour the best outcome for the broader community.

‘It’s not an easy task, and it’s one that will continue to challenge us for as long as we serve.

‘I’d also like to acknowledge the organisation that surrounds us.

‘While all candidates have been busy on the campaign, there has been no let up with the operations of Council itself — that’s because this is what Council does.

‘So, despite it being extremely wet for three months since TC Jasper in December, the parks and gardens crews, roads crews, waste transfer crew, local laws, plumbers, planners and many other dedicated people who make this organisation have been getting things done.

‘On behalf of all Councillors, I thank them for their work.

‘Councillors, do not underestimate what you have achieved at this moment.

‘Look forward to the four years and know that, with each step along the way, you will steadily learn and continually fine tune what it means to be a Councillor.

‘I have emphasised challenges today because there are many, and they will inordinately occupy our minds, however the role also comes with much personal satisfaction and rewards by knowing you have contributed to key strategic decisions that shape the place that we all live in,’ he said.

The TRC Councillors are:

  • Mayor — Mayor Rod Marti
  • Division 1 — Councillor Kevin Cardew
  • Division 2 — Councillor Annette Haydon
  • Division 3 — Councillor Dave Bilney
  • Division 4— Councillor Maree Baade
  • Division 5 — Councillor Con Spanos
  • Division 6 — Councillor Kylie Lang

Photo: Councillor Dave Bilney, Councillor Maree Baade, Mayor Rod Marti, Councillor Kylie Lang, Councillor Annette Haydon, Councillor Con Spanos and Councillor Kevin Cardew.