Consent For Waste/Recycling Services On Private Property

In consideration of TRC supplying waste and/or recycling collection services, the property owner agrees that:

  1. TRC and/or its contractor/s may collect waste and/or recycling from the property (the collection).
  2. TRC and/or its contractor/s are allowed access using the private road to the property to make the collection and it is acknowledged that the collection vehicle entering the property may weigh up to 30t.
  3. The property owner releases and discharges TRC, its contractors, including employees and agents of either, from all liability, claims, demands, costs and expenses of any nature relating to damage to property of any kind arising by, through or in connection with TRC on its contractors, including employees and agents of either, bringing waste and recycling removal vehicles onto the property.

This includes:

  • Emptying or removing waste and/or recycling bins on that property.
  • Any damage of the kind referred to above or consequential damages suffered by a third party.

The release does not apply to damage caused as a result of wilful or reckless act of TRC, its contractors, including employees and agents of either. However, to avoid doubt, the mere driving of waste/recycling collection vehicles on internal roadways, which may not have been designed to cope with the weight or size of those vehicles, is not in itself negligent, wilful or reckless act within the meaning of this exclusion.

Where the property is owned or controlled by more than one individual, a company or a body corporate, on person with authority on behalf of the group of owners, the company or body corporate should provide this consent.

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