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Procurement documents.

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Register of Tenders

DateStatusNumberAwarded ToAmount (Gst Inc)Contract Info
15 November 2022OpenT-TRC2022-13N/AN/ADetailed Design Prior Creek Precinct, Atherton
15 November 2022OpenT-TRC2022-06N/AN/ARavenshoe Water Supply Upgrade
25 August 2022AwardedT-TRC2022-08Hastings Deering $516,450.00Supply and Delivery of 12 Foot Grader
25 August 2022AwardedT-TRC2022-12Elizabeth Teresa Taylor T/A Tropical North Bookkeeping$11,170.40Lease C Ravenshoe Town Hall Shop 1
29 July 2022ClosedT-TRC2022-11N/AN/ALease D Ravenshoe Town Hall Shop 4
25 August 2022AwardedT-TRC2022-10 Shorecan Electrical and Solar Pty Ltd$15,317.40Lease E Ravenshoe Town Hall Shop 5
23 June 2022AwardedT-TRC2022-05Route 1 - Superclean Commerical Cleaners Pty Ltd, Route 2 - Superclean Commerical Cleaners Pty Ltd , Route 3 - Penelope's Performance Cleaning Services, Route 4 - Penelope's Performance Cleaning Services$Supply of Cleaning Service – Public Amenities
28 April 2022AwardedT-TRC2022-03Penelope's Performance Cleaning Services$318,396.00Supply of Cleaning Services – Corporate Facilities
13 April 2022AwardedT-TRC2022-02BNT Civil Contractors Pty Ltd $728,375.99Roadworks and Sealing Various Road – TRC Region
13 April 2022AwardedT-TRC2022-01BNT Civil Contractors Pty Ltd$968,401.65Brooks Road Widen and Seal
24 February 2022AwardedT-TRC2021-25Lift Tek Pty Ltd T/A Dempsey Cranes and Construction$485,583.45T-TRC2021-25 Sluice Creek Bridge Replacement
25 November 2021AwardedT-TRC2021-11Mareeba Mazda & Mitsubishi Pty Ltd$644,000.00Supply & Delivery of Various Commercial 4×4 Vehicles
27 January 2022AwardedT-TRC2021-24RP and LM Van de Water$120,450.00Provision of Management Services – Lakeside Caravan Park
27 January 2022AwardedT-TRC2021-23 Durack Civil Pty Ltd$519,695.03Beantree Barson – Beantree Albrecht Intersection Upgrades
16 December 2021AwardedT-TRC2021-18Multiple Suppliers$Occasional Plant Hire 2022
27 January 2022AwardedT-TRC2021-22Watto's Earthmoving and Machinery Hire Pty Ltd$838,736.78Disaster Funding Recovery Arrangement 2021 – West
27 January 2022AwardedT-TRC2021-21Erroll Fitzgerald$1,845,573.95Disaster Funding Recovery Arrangement 2021 – South 2
27 January 2022AwardedT-TRC2021-20Erroll Fitzgerald$1,452,406.47Disaster Funding Recovery Arrangement 2021 – South 1
27 January 2022AwardedT-TRC2021-19Watto's Earthmoving and Machinery Hire Pty Ltd$1,093,368.98Disaster Funding Recovery Arrangement 2021 – East
5 November 2021AwardedT-TRC2021-17Lift Tek Pty Ltd T/A Dempsey Cranes and Construction$1,737,712.88Replacement Merragallen Bridge, Malanda
13 May 2022AwardedT-TRC2021-16Lift Tek Pty Ltd T/A Dempsey Cranes and Construction$3,469,789.36Replacement Duncan Brown Bridge, Malanda
21 October 2021AwardedT-TRC2021-13Jade Creations$412,009.40New Nature Play at Jack May Park, Malanda