Home-Based Businesses

 You can operate a home-based business without planning approval if:

  • the business is within the house or domestic shed
  • staff are residents, with the exception of one additional staff member
  • hours of operation are between 7am and 6pm
  • the area the business operates from is no greater than 50m2
  • there is only one sign
  • the business does not involve the repair, cleaning or servicing of motors, vehicles or other machinery or the use of power tools or similar noise-generating devices
  • there are limited vehicle movements.

You will need to lodge a development application if your home-based business does not meet all of these requirements.

More information is available in the TRC Planning Scheme and our staff is available to answer your questions.

Trade Waste

If your home-based business is in a sewered area, you may need to manage your trade waste. Find out more.