Summary of the Wednesday 9 November 2022 Special Council Meeting

Review of Organisational Structure Adopted

Changes have been made to the organisational structure to improve the execution of projects, streamline approval processes for development applications, plan for the delivery of infrastructure to support current and future growth, and establish an appropriate reporting relationship for emergency management.

The changes include:

  • change the Project Management Office (PMO) to be a Directive PMO
  • five new full-time fixed-term project management officers in the PMO
  • new role of Executive Manager (EM) Development Services reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • align the existing planning, building and plumbing functions to the EM Development Services
  • move the role of Senior Advisor Emergency Management to report to the CEO
  • retitle the Planning and Environment section to Environment and Natural Resources
  • retitle the Manager Planning and Environment to Manager Environment and Natural Resources
  • retitle the Infrastructure and Planning Department to Infrastructure and Environment Department
  • retitle the General Manager Infrastructure and Planning to General Manager Infrastructure and Environment.

Planning Decisions

Tender T-TRC2022-13 for the detailed design of the Priors Creek Development was awarded to Place Design Group for $496,644.74 including GST. The design will create a multi-functional site to increase recreational engagement and support the potential redevelopment of adjacent freehold land for commercial and community purposes.

Agendas, Minutes & Next Meeting

The next Council meeting will be at 9am Thursday 24 November at the Coordination Centre, 15 Vernon Street in Atherton.