Summary of the Wednesday 25 January 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting

New Shop & Shopping Centre

A permit for a material change of use was approved for a shop and shopping centre at 70 Grigg Street, Ravenshoe, subject to conditions.

Road Names Request

New roads in Green Hills Estate, Malanda will be named Florey Court, Burnet Close, Eccles Road, Bragg Close and Cornforth Court. The names are a tribute to Australian Nobel Prize winners.

Agriculture Advisory Committee Minutes

The Agriculture Advisory Committee was formed to establish and maintain formal and constructive relationships with agricultural producers and landholders. The unconfirmed minutes from meetings on Monday 21 November 2022 and Friday 16 December 2022 were noted.

Exercise Shake Out Recommendations Adopted

Exercise Shake Out was a disaster exercise based on 4.9 magnitude earthquake damaging the Wild River Dam near Herberton. The exercise tested the workability of the Wild River Dam Emergency Action Plan and the subsequent report identified a series recommendations.

Rezoning & Subdivision Report Noted

A report regarding the rezoning and subdivision of 4000m2 of 42 Mabel Street, Atherton for a day surgery was received and noted.

Driveways, Crossovers & Access From Council-Controlled Roads Into Private Land Report

A report detailing the legislative framework for the construction and maintenance of these driveway crossovers was noted. A policy regarding the reinstatement of driveway crossovers impacted by TRC roadworks will be developed for Council consideration.

Financial Report

Revenue is meeting budget expectations, with a year-to-date (YTD) variance of just 1.4%. Expenses are also tracking very close to budget with a variance of 1.5%, however YTD depreciation expense is over budget and will be monitored as the year progresses. The Budget Development Strategy was received and noted.

Quarterly Report

The Quarterly Report for 1 October to 31 December 2022 shows performance towards delivering initiatives in the Operational Plan 2022–23.

Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee

The Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee assists TRC in fulfilling its corporate governance role and oversight of financial management and reporting responsibilities. The unconfirmed minutes of the December meeting were noted.

Customer Request Management Report Noted

The Customer Request Management Report provided an overview of the Customer Request Management system and how it is used to receive, track and action requests. It also included progress on the implementation of the Customer Experience Strategy and planned improvements.

Revised Corporate Plan Adopted

The Corporate Plan was updated to incorporate the vision and aspirations identified in the Tablelands 2030+ Community Plan.

Mount Garnet Pool

A Council workshop will be organised to discuss the operation of the Mount Garnet pool.

Access To Property

Temporary access will be provided to 193 Picnic Crossing Road, Atherton until a permanent access is installed.

Agendas, Minutes & Next Meeting

The next Planning Committee meeting will be at 9am Thursday 9 February and the next ordinary Council meeting will be at 9am Thursday 23 February. The meetings are held at the Coordination Centre, 15 Vernon Street, Atherton, and are live streamed and recorded.