Summary of the Thursday 28 July 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting

Reconfiguration of Lots

Lot 201 on Davies Road, near Malanda, will be reconfigured into 143 lots of around 4000m2, and the 11.51ha Johnstone River Nature Reserve.

20719 Kennedy Highway at Gunnawarra will be divided into two lots. Lot 10 (3372ha) encompasses the feedlot and associated infrastructure, and Lot 11 (15,438ha) contains the house and outbuildings.

Road Naming

Roads in Yungaburra Waterfront Estate will be named Lakefront Boulevard (Road C), Lakeshore Court (Road D), Clearwater Avenue (Road E) and Waterview Close (Road F).

Water & Wastewater Monitoring Contract

Contract WW-106-05 for compliance sampling, testing and reporting of waste and sewage treatment plant sites was awarded to Natural Resource Assessments Pty Ltd for $363,383.01 including GST for 12 months, with a provisional sum of $37,874,88. The contract can be extended for a further 12 months at Council’s discretion.

Sewer Contracts

Contract FNQ019 packages 1 and 2 for the regional sewer relining program with Relining Solutions Pty Ltd was extended to the 2022–23 program for $ 396,905.55 including GST (estimated).

Contract FNQ019 package 3 for the sewer and manhole condition assessment program with FlowPro Pty was extended to the 2022–23 program for $54,199.76 including GST (estimated).

Brooks Road Upgrade

Modified cement stabilised base construction will be used for Stage 2 of the widening and sealing of Brooks Road and the budget will be increased to $1,483,045. $490,000 will be allocated to the project from the road rehabilitation program.

Financial Report

Year end processing is still underway and the revenue variance (1.39%) will be confirmed in the Annual Report. The Quarterly Report and Capital Project Update were included in the report.

Gifts, Benefits & Conflicts of Interests Policy Endorsed

The Gifts, Benefits and Conflicts of Interests Policy was updated to provide guidance on the potential offer and acceptance of gifts or benefits, and managing conflicts of interest. It replaces the Gifts, Benefits and Interests Policy.

Code of Conduct Endorsed

The Employee Code of Conduct was reviewed and updated to reflect changes in legislation and clearly states the ethical principles and expectations of employees while performing duties and representing Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) outside the workplace.

Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee

The Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee assists TRC in fulfilling its corporate governance role and oversight of financial management and reporting responsibilities. The minutes of the June meeting were noted, and James Crompton was appointed as independent member and chair of the committee.

Community Plan Noted

TRC worked with partner organisations and residents to create the Tablelands 2030+ Community Plan. The plan is centred on five priority areas — environment, community, healthy lifestyles, infrastructure and economy.

High Density Housing

A report will be prepared on the potential sale and development of medium- and high-density housing on land between Maunds Road, and Leinster and Pink Streets.

Priors Creek Precinct Steering Committee

Councillors Peter Hodge and Bernie Wilce will join Mayor Rod Marti on the Priors Creek Precinct Steering Committee. Deputy Mayor Kevin Cardew will act as proxy.

Rolley Road and Highway at Wondecla

To improve visibility, the intersection of Rolley Road and Longlands Gap Road at Wondecla will be included in the maintenance schedule for Rolley Road.

Agendas, Minutes & Next Meeting

The next Council meeting will be at 9am Thursday 25 August at the Coordination Centre, 15 Vernon Street in Atherton.