Summary of the Thursday 27 October 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting

Advance Cairns Membership

TRC will continue its membership of Advance Cairns. Advance Cairns is the peak independent and non-government advocacy and economic development organisation for Tropical North Queensland, covering 26 local governments.

Planning Decisions

An application for

  • animal keeping, animal husbandry and aquaculture at 26–28 Mountainview Drive in Atherton was refused as it conflicts with the TRC Planning Scheme
  • reconfiguring one lot into two at 2 Eacham Road in Yungaburra was approved, subject to conditions.
  • boundary dispensations at 23 Waterfront Terrace in Yungaburra was refused
  • a transport depot at 15–33 Godfrey Road in Kairi was approved, subject to conditions
  • an outdoor sport and recreation (multi-purpose court facility) at 30–90 Maunds Road in Atherton was approved, subject to conditions.

Adopted & Updated Policies

  • The Infrastructure Deferral Policy guides decision-making on requests to defer the payment of levied infrastructure charges for reconfiguration of lot approvals. An application fee of $1270.00 will cover the cost of administration and preparation of the Infrastructure Agreement.
  • The Water Meter And Sub-Meter Policy outlines the process to ensure properties connected to the water scheme are metered and comply with legislation and Australian Standards.
  • The Water Usage Concessions For Not-For-Profit Recreation And Sporting Clubs Policy establishes guidelines for water use concessions for not-for-profit recreation and sporting clubs who irrigate sporting fields from the water network. The policy also informs a plan for installing water meters at these fields.
  • The Trade Waste Policy outlines the management of trade waste (waterborne waste from business, trade and manufacturing) into the sewers. This review ensures the policy remains current and complies with legislative requirements.
  • The Land Use and Tenure Policy provides an equitable and consistent approach to allocating and managing land tenure and use of TRC-owned and controlled property. This review reflects legislative requirements and revised service levels, and reinforces the support provided to community groups to carry out activities that contribute to the community. An associated procedure will be developed.

Advisory Committee Minutes & Recommendations

The minutes and recommendations from the recent Natural Asset Management and Tablelands Pest Management advisory committees were noted.

Tenders & Contracts

  • Tender QTRC2022-06 for the supply and delivery of gravel for the 2022–23 resheet program was awarded to local company Gunther Resources Pty Ltd for $325,098.60 including GST.
  • Tender T-TRC2022-07 for eight dual cab utilities and five 4×4 single cab utilities was awarded to local company John Cole Toyota for $731,907.88 including GST. The 13 replaced vehicles will be disposed of through an auction house.
  • Contract FNQ031 for the collection and removal of ferrous and non-ferrous metal was awarded to Sims Group Australia Holdings Pty Ltd for three years for $230,000 including GST (estimated), with two 12-month extension options.
  • Contract FNQ035 1 package 1 for the supply of liquid sodium hypochlorite was awarded to Coogee QCA Pty Ltd for $0.5165/l, for 3.5 years with two 12-month extension options.
  • Contracts FNQ035 2 packages 2 and 3 for the supply of liquid aluminium sulphate for $0.4662/l and aluminium chloralhydrate for $2,101.43/1000 litres were awarded to Cleveland Bay Chemical Company Pty Ltd, for 3.5 years with two 12-month extension options.
  • T-TRC2021-12 for the operation of the Atherton Landfill Waste Receival Facility, awarded to EVY Entertainment in 2021, was extended for 12 months for $133,042.50 including GST.
  • Contract MM003257-01 for the development of a Water Demand Management Strategy was awarded to Aecom Australia Pty Ltd for f $271,348.00 including GST.

Disposal of Playgrounds

Three playgrounds that are surplus to need, form part of the asset replacement program or are unserviceable, operationally inefficient or beyond economic repair will be removed. The playgrounds are Jack May Park in Malanda, Country Women’s Association Park in Tolga and Hilltop Playground in Atherton.

Financial Report

Operating expenditure is currently under budget primarily due to staff vacancies and a heightened focus on capital works. Capital revenue is under budget due to the timing of payment for the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Grant being received and recognised late last financial year.

Budget Review 1

The first revised budget for the 2022–23 financial year included a revised capital budget summary and report, and comprehensive income statement. The capital budget review includes adjustments due to scope changes and project alignment, with some capital projects being deferred to later years.

Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee

The Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee assists TRC in fulfilling its corporate governance role and oversight of financial management and reporting responsibilities. The unconfirmed minutes of the September meeting were noted.

Local Disaster Management Plan Adopted

The Local Disaster Management Plan is the foundation document for responding to and recovering from disasters in the region. The plan follows the prevention, preparation, response and recovery methodology.

Special Lease

Council has no objection to the grazing lease over Lot 23 on CP851463 being renewed for 30 years.

Allumbah Heritage Walk Community Project

$21,151 ($4885 implementation and $16,266 whole of life costs) from the Community Project budget will be allocated to Yungaburra Landcare’s Allumbah Heritage Walk Community Project.

Community & Commercial General Activity Applications

The standard fee of $152.50 to conduct a prescribed activity on TRC-controlled areas and roads will be waived for not-for-profit and non-commercial entities, including school P&Cs

Atherton & District Animal Welfare Society Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The MoU with Atherton and District Animal Welfare Society will be withdrawn, and the $6000 funding reallocated to the promotion of microchipping and desexing of pets in the region.

Approved Inspection Program

Selective approved inspection program will be conducted:

  • between Tuesday 22 November 2022 and Monday 22 May 2023 to ensure compliance with registration and microchipping requirements
  • between Tuesday 22 November 2022 and Wednesday 22 February to ensure compliance with requirements for proper enclosures to prevent animals from wandering.

Malanda Museum Sculpture

The Malanda Museum dairy industry sculpture will be repaired and relocated at a cost of $19,668.

Planning & Finance Committee

A new Planning Committee, consisting of all Councillors and chaired by Mayor Marti, will have its first meeting on Thursday 8 December.

Upper Barron Road

A letter will be written to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads and the Member for Hill requesting the widening and sealing of the remaining section of Upper Barron Road.

Agricultural Advisory Committee

The new Agriculture Advisory Committee members are James Geary, Clayton Lynch, Jason Ward, Richard Cuda, Robert Hamilton, James Gerahty, James Howe, Laurence Masasso, Maryanne Salvetti, Sandra Curcio, Greg English and Colleen McLucas. The advisory committee will ensure a strategic and long-term approach to agriculture development in the region and their first meeting will be on Monday 21 November.

Rate Debt Recovery

Thirteen properties, with overdue rates and charges of greater than three years, will proceed to the next stage of debt collection. This stage helps the property owners to keep outstanding debt to manageable levels, and increases opportunities to find an affordable payment solution to avoiding the sale of land.

Water Use Concession

A reduction in water use charges for the July meter reading will be applied to 24 Maxwell Crescent in Atherton.

Realignment of Road

Henson Lane in Malanda will be reconstructed on its correct alignment.

Lease & Operation of Malanda Falls Caravan Park

The temporary management agreement for the Malanda Falls Caravan Park will be extended to Saturday 13 May 2023. Negotiations in relation to tender T-TRC2022-04 for the lease and operation of Malanda Falls Caravan Park will continue.

Enterprise Agreement Negotiations

Enterprise Agreement Negotiations for TRC staff have commenced. An initial meeting with employee and industrial representatives took place on Thursday 15 September 2022 and discussions will continue over the next few months. The next meeting is on Wednesday 2 November.

Agendas, Minutes & Next Meeting

The next Council meeting will be at 9am Thursday 24 November at the Coordination Centre, 15 Vernon Street in Atherton.