Summary of the Thursday 27 April 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting

EOI For Freehold Land — Malanda Falls Caravan Park

Expressions of interest (EOI) will be invited for the lease of Malanda Falls Caravan Park for up to 30 years, prior to inviting written tenders. An external agent, specialising in caravan parks, will facilitate the EOI process, and a report will be presented at the July ordinary meeting. Options will be investigated to ensure the land remains a TRC-owned caravan park.

Material Change of Use & Reconfiguration of a Lot

Preliminary approval was given for a material chance of use, which includes a variation request, to establish residential development rights at 188 Rockley Road in Atherton, subject to conditions. A development permit for reconfiguration of a lot (one into 37 residential lots, roads and drainage) was also approved for the site, subject to conditions.

Priors Creek Development

The one-way traffic on Railway Lane will remain in the current direction (south to north between Vernon and Jack streets).

Ergon Energy will relocate overhead powerlines to underground in the Priors Creek Development area. $527,810.32 (excluding GST) will be brought forward from the 2023–24 capital budget for the project.

Occupancy rights will end on buildings on Lot 11 on SP 310236 and Lot 154 on SP 120085 (Railway Lane, Atherton) and outstanding issues resolved. A license agreement will be negotiated for occupation of the building on Lot 154, subject to alterations of the building so it is contained within the lot.

Local Government Remuneration Commission Council Category Review

The Local Government Remuneration Commission Category Review was received and noted. The Local Government Remuneration Commission establishes remuneration categories for local governments and reviews the established categories.

Traffic Control

The prequalified supplier arrangement for traffic control will be retendered and awarded before Saturday 1 July 2023. Tender documents for prequalified suppliers will be amended to allow new suppliers into the existing arrangement at six-monthly intervals during the term of the arrangement.

Financial Report

Operating revenue is tracking to budget expectations with a variance of just 0.71%. Total expenses are under budget by 2.25%, although depreciation calculations are experiencing increasing inflation rates that will be adjusted at the coming budget review. The employee benefit variance is expected to reduce once enterprise bargain agreement negotiations and associated backpays are processed, and vacancies filled. The Quarterly Report and Capital Project Update were included in the report.

Youth Strategy Endorsed

A midway review of the Youth Strategic Plan 2019–24 was conducted to identify achievements, update the action plan to reflect post-Covid youth priorities, and align the plan with the Queensland Youth Strategy and Tablelands 2030+ Community Plan. The definition of youth was updated to ages 12–25 in the terms of reference.

Routine Maintenance Performance Contract (RMPC)

TRC will enter into an agreement with Department of Transport and Main Roads to provide the RMPC program for 2023–24, and investigate options for the delivery of the program in future years.

Ravenshoe Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) Stage 2 Potential Cost Savings

Potential cost saving for the Ravenshoe WQIP Stage 2 project were investigated and reported on.

Jirrbal Native Title Determination

TRC will enter a section 87A agreement and delegate authority to the Mayor and CEO to finalise the agreement prior to the Jirrbal native title determination.

Aerodrome Lease Renewal

The existing trustee lease over Lease 18 on Lot 553 on CP NR5363 will be renewed for up to 15 years, with the rent to be determined by independent valuation.

Agendas, Minutes & Next Meeting

The next Planning Committee meeting will be at 9am Thursday 11 May, and the next ordinary Council meeting will be at 9am Thursday 25 May. The meetings are held at the Coordination Centre, 15 Vernon Street, Atherton, and are live streamed and recorded.