Summary of the Thursday 24 November 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting

Childcare Centre & Healthcare Centre

A material change of use for a healthcare centre and childcare centre was approved for Lot 502 Main Street in Tolga, subject to conditions.

Reconfiguration of a Lot

A development permit was approved for the reconfiguring of one lot into 46 residential lots, esplanade and balance lots on Lot 502 Tinaburra Drive in Yungaburra, subject to conditions.

Summertime Taskforce Reports Noted

The Queensland Government has developed the Queensland Outdoor Activation Action Plan in response to its Summertime Taskforce Project Recommendations Report. The action plan celebrates outdoor trade, raises awareness of support, helps local governments to simplify regulatory requirements, and boosts the capability of small businesses and local governments to activate outdoor trade. The opportunities provided through the action plan will be investigated for the Tablelands Region.

Bridge & Major Culverts Asset Management Plan Adopted

The Bridges and Major Culverts Asset Management Plan identifies actions and funding required to deliver the identified levels of service up to 2030–31 for road and pedestrian bridges and major culverts.

Project Management Contract

Contract T-TRC2022-06 for the project management and contract administration for the Ravenshoe Water Quality Improvement Plan Stage 2 project was awarded to GHD Pty Ltd for $366,456.20 including GST.

Kerbside Waste & Recycling Collection Policy Update

Minor amendments were made to the Kerbside Waste and Recycling Collection Policy. The policy identifies designated kerbside collection areas, eligibility for services, purchasing of bins, placement of bins, infirm collection service, exemptions and charges.

Financial Report

Operating revenue is achieving budget expectations with a variance of just 1.18%. Operating expenditure is currently under budget, primarily due to staff vacancies and a heightened focus on capital works. Capital revenue reflects the final milestone payment from the Local Government Grants and Subsidy Program for the Ravenshoe Water project, and capital expenditure is delivering projects in line with budget expectations with a variance of just 1.74%.

Annual Report Adoption

The Annual Report details our achievements for the 2021–22 financial year and our progress in delivering the priorities in our Corporate and Operational plans. The report also includes our statutory and annual financial reports.

Cultural Plan Endorsed

The updated Cultural Plan 2022–26 reflects current corporate priorities, a changing arts and heritage environment and the community’s aspirations and needs over the next four years. The reviewed plan was developed in conjunction with our arts community.

Inclusion Advisory Committee Action Plan Endorsed

The Inclusion Advisory Committee (IAC) advises Council on access and inclusion in our community. The IAC Action Plan 2022–25 identifies updated access and inclusion priorities and actions for the region. The plan’s implementation relies on partnership with stakeholders.

Tableland Regional Gallery Collection Policy Endorsed

Minor changes were made to the Tableland Regional Gallery Collection Policy. The policy establishes the framework for developing and managing the gallery’s art collection.

Report on Development Application

A report will be provided on the decision-making and approval processes associated with the development application for the planned medical precinct at 42 Mabel Street (MCU22/0026).

Workshop on Crime & Community Safety

A workshop will be held on crime and community safety to inform Councillors of the work currently underway by various stakeholders, and to determine how TRC can support lead agencies.

The next Planning Committee meeting is at 9am Thursday 8 December in the TRC Boardroom at 45 Mabel Street, Atherton. The meeting will not be live streamed or recorded. The next ordinary Council meeting will be at 9am Thursday 15 December at the Coordination Centre, 15 Vernon Street, Atherton. The meeting will be live streamed and recorded.